Trail Assail Sweetest Day 10k Nashotah Park

WTA Sweetest Day 10k


So I'm currently not running until further notice. If you don't know too much about me I really love everything about running, except the way it make me look. I like the way lifting weights makes me look and I am trying to put on some muscle mass. I've got my eyes set on a spring show so I just need to get through this rough patch. I'm not running so the next best thing I can do is write about running.

On Saturday October 21st I ran my last 10k of the year. I've been 15 days run free. I hadn't run since the Milwaukee Marathon. I felt a little weird because I know I wasn't suppose to run much but decided to finish out my trail assail series. I showed up to the race line with the only expectation to enjoy myself. The gun went off and across the field we went. The fall air felt crisp and refreshing. My lungs filled up with cool air. Fall in Wisconsin felt nice. Around the field and into the wood we went. With all the recent long road races, I really have to say I pleasantly enjoyed being on the trail. I love the cushion of the mud and grass. Unfortunately it wasn't always that way.  I used to hate them- they made me slow. But on Saturday it was just what I needed.


Last year I got my PR at this race for a 10k which is 54:39. I didn't feel a PR up my sleeves but you never know what race day will bring. I ran up and down the first lap and crossed by the finish line at 26 minutes and some odd seconds. I felt like a PR was possible so I kicked it up a notch. However in the second lap my pace started to loose it. Four and half miles in I had slowed to a 10:30 pace. My PR started to vanish out of plain sight. I was okay with the loss in pace. I just wanted to enjoy these last couple of miles for the year. I finished the 10k and I couldn't be happier. Out of the trail assail race I think Nashotah has the nicest course. I like Pike lake, minoka and Lapham but think those are a bit more challenging. Whereas I feel Nashotah is perfect for a beginner to trail run. There is a couple hills but nothing unmanageable and the trail is in great condition.


Much like almost all of the trail assail races the 10k course consists of two laps of the 5k course. The race was held on Sweetest Day and because of that everybody who crossed the finish line received a rose. If you haven't read about a trail assail race before I highly recommend them. They  have a great post race food bar and the trails are great to run on. They have a nice kids race before the adult race. 

I finished the series out in 1st place I didn't see to many improvements over the course of the series. My best race was 58:22 (Menomonee Park- the flattest one)  and my worst race was 1:09:48 (Latham Peak park- a hillier course). I haven't actually beat any PR so far this year. Good thing I have some races planned for next year. My large goal of getting in 30 marathon before 30. Which according to my planning leaves me to get in 4 marathons in 2018. I think I'll be running dances with dirt marathon, lakefront marathon, and Madison marathon. I haven't decided on my forth marathon for next year so I'm open to suggestions, looking for something in the Milwaukee area after April 21st.