RaceHer Box

Since I'm spending my winter recovering and becoming a stronger runner in 2018. I've been exploring some new running things. This month I dove into RaceHer boxes.
Have you ever wanted to get a super fun package in the mail every month?
RaceHer box delivers new monthly running essentials package specific to women to your doorstep every month. My first box arrived in a timely manner 3 days after it had been sent. Faster than my Disney store package that I'm still waiting on.


When it arrived at the door I instantly loved the packaging and the inspiration on the box. The box read "Because running is more than a sport it's a lifestyle." When I opened up the box I noticed a food items right off the bat, I always appreciate trying new foods because I suffer from some gut issues. So I'm always looking for running friendly foods. I can say I enjoyed how both my Simple Squares tasted. I enjoyed the ginger one. 


The next thing that really drew me in was the "Drink your effing water" water bottle. Being a bodybuilding dabbler. I really appreciate the humor behind this bottle. I aim to drink a gallon of water a day . The only thing is I wished he size of the water bottle was a bit larger. I really like 32 oz water bottles.

My next favorite piece in the box was the Run like a girl sticker. Being one of those kids who was always picked last in gym class, and that people have always labeled as weak I really love this saying. It gives ownership to something that is typically muttered to women in a mean and hurtful context and packs power behind it. I have a really cool shirt that says "I run like a girl, try to keep up." 

One of the next things I liked in my box was my Zoom Running compression socks. I was happy with the pink color. Because I hadn't heard of the brand before I was skeptically but I found I actually really like this brand. They had a similar amount of compression compared to my CEP socks. They  maintained size when I washed them. I enjoyed the design of the socks as well. 


Some of the other things I found  in my box were hand lotion and an arbonne sample. I really enjoyed getting this box in the mail and it was defined something to look forward to because it was the perfect blend of clothing, accessories and running food items. I also think it encouraged me to try some new things I wouldn't typically buy.
Try out a RaceHer box today and save 10% by using the code FITHART10.
Come back and let me know what can in your box! 😊