Milwaukee Marathon #25

Milwaukee Marathon


When you have such an amazing race, the blog part comes easy. The longest part was waiting for the official FREE race photos for my blog! When you run a race like that there is no hashing it over, no would have beens , no could have beens, or should have beens. Just pure joy that radiates!!! So here it is... after the lakefront marathon, I felt defeated. So Sunday I made it my mission and my goal to enjoy this race, seeming how it my last marathon for the season.

Saturday in Milwaukee had some pretty cruddy weather so it was easy for me to keep pretty low key. I went down to the expo which was smaller than last year, and I felt like it didn't have a lot of running stuff. Just advertising for big companies like PNC bank and State Farm. I was a little bit disappointed with the expo. Left the expo and thought I would grab some Purple Door (my favorite ice cream) but sadly it wasn't open yet. So back to home I went. I went through my pre race ritual of gathering all my stuff. I decided to go with capris because the forecast called for overcast weather and wind. I watched Wonder Women and felt very empowered, perfect prerace flick. Sleep the marathon night is never easy so I lay in bed wait until I can eat breakfast and head to the starting line.


At the starting line I was able to find my friend Chuck from Fleet Feet and my long time running buddy, David. I wished everyone good luck and off we went. My plan was to stay with my husband the first ten miles, but I felt good. So I went about a 10 min/ mile pace, my friend David stayed with me. He had an awesome support squad (Barb and Lisa). They followed David and I around pumping us up about every mile and half. I also some of my fellow oiselle birds- Kate, Kassandra and Melissa who also cheered me on!!!! I felt empowered! The first ten miles felt like a breeze.


We came up to the split at mile 10 and David left, I felt truly lonely. I could feel the wind when the half marathoners left us, I felt alone. Luckily at the 2.5 hour mark we went down a long out and back along Sherman Boulevard. I used to hate this portion of the race, because out and back always feel daunting because the scenery doesn't change and you feel like you go nowhere. But coming up to this portion I felt really empowering. I saw so many familiar faces from Oiselle and Mom's run this town it felt so amazing. I felt like I was around people again!!!

I said "HI" to one of my friends,Amy. Another racer asked me if I was gonna loop around and run with them but I only felt like running 26.2 miles today. 😂 He just kinda started to talk to me and it helped pass the time. His name was Rob and he was Southern California, he is attempting to run a marathon in all 50 states. So he traveled to Wisconsin for one today because he ran one yesterday in northern Illinois and he said it was a short drive. I've never attempted to run a marathon and run one the next day and I think that would not feel the greatest, but to each their own. I'm always impressed with fellow marathoners stories. It was nice to have him around for a distraction for a few miles.


I came around a corner and caught my friend Chuck from fleet feet, then I came to the next aid station and saw a wonderful familiar face. Andrea Webb!!!!!! Andrea is my coleader in MRTT and ultra runner I was powered by a gigantic hug and felt amazing!!!
Next I caught up to a pal from Trifaster and from MRTT, Rachel, she is crazy she had a baby in March and decided to run a marathon!!! I'm in amazement because when Lucy was a newborn running wasn't easy. She hated sleep and my training was inconsistent and when I could. My body hurt just from the normal Mom stuff- like carrying around a baby and not sleeping. 

Next I was on the out and back and recognized another family faces amazing fearless women, Gwen, she is part of this organization called My Team Triumph. I honestly don't know how these Angels do it and any race much less yesterday under those racing conditions. It was very windy so I'm sure they could feel double wind resistance and they were also some amazing sharp turn I don't know how they navigated them. These "angels" name given to people pushing are truly amazing and inspirational!!!!!!


Rachel and I navigated through which I'll deem the bad portion of this marathon, which is the Hank Aaron stretch. I do not like this stretch for two reason. One year someone tampered with the cones causing me to run longer and the second reason is when it's warm this portion is very very hot and not shady. At least Sunday I didn't have those issues. Finally we came to the two miles left, we plugged it out together. We came up to the one mile left. I felt fantastic the finish line was in sight. I met up with my mom and husband and crossed the finish line.   I was finished with marathon #25!!!!!! 😊

I don't know if its the fact I'm getting closer to my goal of running 30 marathons before 30. Or the fact that 25 of anything you truly love feels great. But, I'm still on a post-race high.  I love love love marathoning!!!!


What's bringing me back next year, is this race course I like all the landmarks that it passes you almost go past every point that you could define as Milwaukee, plus you go through a lot of the traditional neighborhoods. I though that the medal and shirt were well designed although they were very targeted towards the marathon distance. I thought there was a lot of water stations and was thankful for the volunteers. 

Some things I didn't enjoy about this race was the parking. Although I enjoyed the change in the starting line, I think logistically that they should bus people into the starting area. Luckily, I had no issue getting to the starting line but I also came 2 hrs early to make sure I got a spot. Also after running a marathon walking back 0.7 miles to car is painful. I would also like to see the expo bring in some more cool running gear places.. The 27th mile party, wasn't much of a party when I finished. The weather was bad, but there was hardly any one around. I was disappointed by not getting a space blanket and their was only some pretzels and chocolate milk offered at the finish line. There was also beer available. I'm used to getting a food bag or box when finishing a marathon.  I thought there was a lot of water stations and was thankful for the volunteers.

All in all I'll be back next year! Thank you so much for your continued support on my fitness journey.