DoLittle Marathon #23

DoLittle Marathon #23


Do as I say, not as I do!!!

I typically lead by example but Saturday I was not a good example of how to prep before a marathon. I went to "packet pickup" at Octoberfest in Waukesha wondered around listening to music and spectating at the Wurst race until about noon. Then traveled to West Allis to wander around State Fair for Harvestfest. Then, went shopping at the mall for 2.5 hours. At least I was hydrating and eating well just didn't stay off my feet.


I had to make a choice when it came to the start of the DoLittle race either to start at 7 am or to start at 6 am and throw a chance at Boston out the window, and not have course support for an hour. I chose to start at 6 am, Boston seems out of my realm of possibilities at the moment. So a 6 am start sounds a little bit better than a small small shot at Boston. I went on my Instagram live for a while to try and calm my prerace anxiety. I could hardly stand walking around the fair in the heat so just thinking about running in it made me nervous. So making this decision on Friday, I knew I kinda had a luxury to not be on my best pre race behavior- plus my A race is in a week so this was just a plan to get in some miles at the DoLittle. Next Sunday it's all about me and that 4:16!!!

I hardly could sleep on Saturday night- I was tired but extremely nervous about the weather!!!! My alarm went off at 3:30 am and I was excited to get up and get ready to race!!!! I ate my typical pre race meal- cream of wheat with some peanut butter and strawberries. Very high in carbs and tastes like desert for breakfast!! But it helps fuel my body and sits well in my stomach. My aunt and I arrived at the EB Shurts building and relieved that there was a few of us at the 6 am start. I counted a total of 12 of us. The race director gave us a little prerace pow wow telling us we can't qualify for Boston and we were on our own for the aid stations. We started in the dark.

Out on the trail we went, unlike the Ragnar where I was lit like an Christmas tree. I had no head lamp and no lights. Within about 30 minutes the sun started to peak out and it was beautiful and foggy. I really enjoyed this portion of the race it was cool and humid and beautiful. If only I could have bottled that portion of the race up and have it last the next 20 miles. Instead around mile 8 or 9, I realized the sun was getting higher and I was getting warmer.


My aunt was going to stay with me for this race. She's much faster than me but decided to encourage me. We passed the time wondering when the 1st place male and female would pass us up. I felt like we hardly saw any marathoners. We came up to mile 15, the sun and heat became kinda unbearable. We started to come into the run/ walk pattern. I was try my my best to keep pushing forward but it was mentally tough knowing and feeling so warm. We started to cross paths with some of the multiple other distances including the 20 Miler, Half marathon, 10 Miler, 10k, and 5k races. The crowd helped me stay motivated and on the course althoughI want to call in the towel and just walk the 10k back to the start line. My aunt kept encouraging me. I was doing much better than my time from last year which was 5:20:59. We finally closed in on 4 miles to go. In the distance I could see a familiar runner, it was my mom!!!!!! She did the half marathon which started later. We had caught up to my mom. I was beyond excited. 😊🏃‍♀️

I walked with her and got some water. After that we were refreshed and ready to go. The DoLittle marathon finishes up on the marathoners going out for a 5k out and back. We started down the road and it seemed unbearably hot we walked a bit next to the wonderful "clean water plant" in Waukesha. Spoiler alert: It does not smell clean!!!! We finally made it to the last aid station and I need it really bad. We went down the trail, wondering where is the turnaround- we wanted to turnaround. Finally, we got to the turnaround!!!! Yes!!! Only 2 miles to go!!! We could do this like 30 more minutes and we could be done. We made it this far no giving up now. We made it back to the "clean water plant" I felt reenergized!!! We got this! We ran to the finish line. I've never been more overjoyed to get out of the heat. Luckily they had ice cold water and coke. I hardly drink soda- I prefer to eat my calories not drink them. But for some reason a Coke just sounded delicious. I drank the coke while I was roasting in the heat. They told me there was food inside in air conditioning!!!!!! How amazing was that!!! I went inside the building grabbed some fruit enjoyed my Coke. I felt exhausted and ready to go home.


Other than the unseasonably warm weather this race was great. Not overly crowded. Not expensive. Had a great amount of aid stations and volunteers. Had a great flat course. Had some good post race fresh fruit. I would recommend this race to other runners. I'm just hoping Lakefront marathon in a week will be much cooler. I would enjoy that and think I need that to chase that PR!!!