Badgerland Striders Half Marathon

Badgerland Striders Half Marathon Race Report


I set out with all intentions to run a 2 hour half marathon, but when race morning came I just lost all my motivation to move fast. Our daughter spent the night by my parent's house so there was no sleep disturbances. I just started to myself nervous at the starting line. See this weekend's race is the start of a ton of weekend races for me until October 15th including two 10ks, a half marathon, and 4 full marathon. So going out too strong on this first half could lead to a bad racing season and I really would like to beat 4:16 at lakefront. The 4:16 marathon was my original Chicago Marathon goal from 2014. However I was 4 months pregnant and gave up on any time goal and just wanted to finish the race. I really want to taste a 4:16 marathon. 


When we arrived to the starting line I noticed I should have waited long to use the restroom. I had to go to the bathroom now, and I was within seconds from starting. I went around my first loop of Estabrook Park. The bathroom still seemed busy, I started to make my way out of Estabrook Park onto the Oak Leaf Trail. I found an empty portopotty, made a pit stop. As I was exiting the portopotty I ran into my husband.  The Badgerland Striders Half course involves a loop around Estabrook park and then you go down the Oak Leaf Trail until you see the art museum then you head back to Estabrook Park. 


After I was reunited with my husband I let go of any time goal. I just wanted to spend some time with him. Having a two year old makes both of us seem more like parents then husband and wife, this is honestly the closest thing we will get to alone time for several months. We chatted mostly about the upcoming week. It actually was very nice to just have a conversation I didn't really recognize I was running much. But my husband thought it was funny, when we got to the turn around at the art museum and he told me I would run out of people to say "Hello" at while running. This race course is really flat. We had the best weather of anytime when I've ran this race. For whatever reason this race tends to occur when it's humid and hot out but not this year. The weather was still a little warm. But, not so warm that I felt unable to run.


Now the very best part of this race is when you are coming back into Estabrook park, not only because you are approaching the finish line but you are also approaching the after party. This race has my FAVORITE post race party! The Bier Garden supplies an unlimited amount of Hufbrau Bier- a thicker german wheat beer, they actually will have people deliver bier right to you while you are waiting in line. Then I could go on and on about how they serve you literally the most perfect breakfast, but Ill probably make you salivate. The breakfast come with two sausage links, a mountain of scrambled eggs, a bed of cubed white potatoes and a piece of cinnamon toast. Honestly its all you could wish and hope for after finishing a half marathon. Then to top it all off they have the most wonderful polka bands playing. One year they even had a polka band that covered ACDC, Metallica, and Green Day I know it sound bizarre but it was really good. If your still not convinced to put this on your wisconsin race list at least once, here's the real deal if you a Badgerland Striders member you get all this for $28, if your not it' still only $32!!!!! Seriously it's the greatest value I've ever found for a race. Hopefully, I've convinced you enough and you'll join me next year!