Smore 24 2019

Wisconsin Trail Assail

S’more 24 Hour Run

Leg 1: 9.04 miles- 1:57:37

Leg 2: 6.11 miles- 1:31:02

Leg 3: 6.07 miles-1:16:26

Leg 4: 9.55 miles- 2:33:16

Leg 5: 6.09 miles- 1:39:06

Total Distance ran in 24 hours 36.86 miles in 8:57:27.

Once again we were back for the S’more 24 race- Team We’re back for S’More! This year we were bringing something new to the table we had an 8 person female team. From competing last year and doing some rangar races I have learned some things. If your going to a relay race bring enough separate outfits for each leg. I suggest changing in down time between runs. Bring lots of snacks, and layers to put ones the weather changes. Knowing where my training needed to be for my 50 mile race determined my weekends run to a goal of 36 miles. My aunt and I set up camp on Friday the day before the race. Last year we set up on Saturday morning and it lead to a bit of a challenge. I’d highly recommend setting up the night before the race. After the setting up we went back home to try to prepare for next two days.


Run #1 - 9.04 miles

From past experience I know I need to keep up on my eating between my laps and hydrating. I also know that I prefer to run 1st in our group of eight woman. It was my plan to try to get in as many miles as I could in the beginning runs knowing I would start to get more tired as time went on. I went out for three laps and by my third lap I was starting to feel it. I headed in to try to recover as much as possible. Eating a pretzel bagel and drinking water. Getting in some light walk, changing and sitting with my feet elevated.


Run #2- 6.11 miles

For my second run I went out for two laps it was now around 1 o clock in the afternoon and it was getting warm. I do not run very well in the heat. I was unable to complete a third lap and headed in to hydrate and eat. For eating this run I ate a pound of potato salad okay, maybe not a pound but it felt like a pound. I think this was a critical error that greatly impacted my third leg. The potato salad seemed like the right thing at the time but I think the dairy caught up to me in the long run. I would NOT suggest eating potato salad.


Run #3- 6.07 miles

My third leg started and the first three miles felt easy. Then at about 3.5 miles my stomach turned against me. I felt awful. Running through the woods it was clear I needed to find a bathroom so I did. I made it back out on the trail and the rest of the loop I just felt sick to my stomach. I just my stomach was really sick. I tried taking tums and hydrating. But it just didn’t seem to help. I was nearing in around 7 pm at night so I tried to lay down before the night runs would start.


Run #4- 9.55 miles

My forth leg would be in the dark happening around midnight. I made my way cautiously through the woods knowing this was not the time or place to push a hard pace. I’m not afraid of running at night but don’t really trust myself going downhill or around more technical areas. I just attempted to enjoy these miles and put my pace behind me because I know that I should be happy my stomach was feeling better. Plus I know it would at least be cooler to get in 9 miles at night. I tried to get some rest and water in before the last 6 miles of the day.


Run #5- 6.09 miles

My fifth leg I was dead tired lack of nutrition and sleep was catching up to me. My body felt like dead meat and I just tried to hold in for anything I had left. Knowing the completing these last two laps would bring my mileage to my goal of 36 miles. I decided I needed to run these last two laps with my heart. I ran from about 4:30 am- 6 am. It was nice to know that I wouldn’t have to run much more today.

Our team finished in total we had 38 laps, totaling into 114 miles. Placing 3/5 in the 8 person female division. I was really proud of our team and will definitely be back for this event next year. Who know is if the ultra bug bites me I might be back as a solo runner next year. I came home Sunday to a busy a household my 4 year old wears me out more than running. Feeling very confident about my 50k in a few weeks I took a nap.