Quarry View 10k

Quarry View 10k  



On our way to Virginia Beach in March my mother asked if I would be willing to join her in this Quarry View race. She didn’t have many details to offer me so I was skeptical first. In my racing history, I’ve had a few smaller races get cancelled without receiving a refund. But then luckily the Menomonee Falls Running Group had some more information on the race. Turns out it was organized by a brand new running company, Stamped Running Company. I also discovered this race was going to be along a familiar course to me, the Bugline trail. I run a majority of my long runs on this trail. I decided that I was going to give this new race a shot. 

In the days leading up to this race I became more impressed with the Stampede Running Company. I received several emails giving me direct instructions about race day. The only piece of information they didn’t include was a run map. Otherwise they gave us information about where to park and the cost of parking.  


When I arrived I was shocked for being a brand new running company everything was set up amazingly. The packet pickup was easy and included a high quality soft cotton shirt. They had a kid race but it was of cold so I decided against bringing Lucy along. The race started and I decided I was going to try to stay with my mom to pace her to a 10k PR. 

The course left Menomonee Park and took us to the Bugline trail. We went about a mile and half west. We then turned around making our way back out east, we joined up with the 5k course. I was actually pleased they split us first then joined us together because most of the 5k people had finished. It ended up being a little warm outside so I overdressed. When we finished we were handed a medal with I was expecting. At the finish line there was some fruit and bagels. I’m very excited to have new race company in town and look forward to participating in more Stampede events.