Run Like A Mother

Run Like a Mother 5k 



 My yearly tradition with my mother’s day run has continued! For the past several years, I’ve celebrated mother’s day by running this annual Run Like A Mother 5k run with my family. Some years I celebrate by running this whole race with my mother and other years I’ve decided to just run solo. But, no matter what my decision I make I alway cross the finish line with my mom. Last year, I was incredibly lean and well conditioned because I was preparing for my bodybuilding competition, which lead me to PR in my race with a time of 23:13. With my training this year, my speed isn’t quite where it usually is. Knowing this and stepping on this course I just wanted to see what I was made of and made the decision to run it solo.


I arrived at the race with no expectation other than to give this a full effort and see how I could do. We arrived a bit early because my daughter wanted to participate in the kid’s race. The kid’s race was a mile long and Lucy ran the race with Lily, her older cousin. The mile course was laid out so you could watch your child throughout the entire race. About 1/2 through I noticed my niece was giving my daughter a piggy back ride. Eventually Lucy felt like she could run and finish the race and ran across the finish line.


From past participation in this race I know that the course is a bit tight through the first half mile. Knowing that this would be the challenge, I started the race near my mom so I could just relax instead of go out to fast and waste energy over going around people. So when the race started I just tried to deep breathe and envision myself running at an easy pace. Otherwise the competitor part of me comes out and would try to sprint out around other runners. We made it around the Tosa Hoyt pool and then out to the oak leaf trail we went. Because of this course being an out and back I tried to stay to the far right to allow the fast people to come back with ease. Overall it felt good to hunker down and put this all out effort into the race.


After crossing the finish line I was proud of myself for doing a 5k sub 30 minutes. However a piece of myself was bit disappointed that I was so far off from my course time last year. I looped around the finish line and went out to find my mom on the course. I found her about 0.3 miles away from the finish line and encouraged her to cross it with confidence. One of the things I love about this race is that it’s centered around Mother’s day. The race director does some nice things like give all the participants a rose, crossing the finish line on a red carpet, and allowing the children to come up and wish there moms a Happy Mother’s day! They have an excellent playground if the kids come to partake in the kid’s race. Hopefully, I’ll come back to this starting line stronger next year!