Lakefront Marathon #28


Lakefront Marathon Race Report


I will PR at this race! I will PR at this race! I told myself for month I was going to get my 4:16 marathon time this has been my goal for the past 5 years. But today I just know I’m going to get it. I had to manifest this since last year. I’ve been writing the number over and over again. I’m not going to look at my watch I’m just going to believe it. My training is there and I can do it.  After the unexpected win at Miller Park much like the Brewers season it was a pleasant surprise. I felt reassured. I started to get super excited as I prepped my clients for lakefront. They were going to have amazing races and so was I!!!! Also, this is my 28th marathon… 2 more to go. I’ve got this!


My taper tantrums have been getting increasing worst the longer I train. Tuesday night I stayed up until 2:30 am just typing and working on projects. Writing is very emotional and very therapeutic to me. I think maybe it was exactly what my body needed at the time. Wednesday I didn’t work very much, so I manically cleaned and started some of my food prep for the following week. I did everything I could to not focus. Thursday I was a hot mess, I experienced every emotion possible and it was beautiful but also made me feel very crazy. Friday friday was definitely the calm before the storm. I tried to sleep and just couldn’t. I felt too excited fanticising about the expo. Saturday EXPO DAY!!!! YES YES YES finally here. I went to the expo and felt like a hot mess. I didn’t feel very social, I just felt like an anxious mess.


Saturday ran around like a chicken with the head cut off again doing anything to stay distracted. Saturday night I lied awake in bed. Waiting for the time to board the bus to grafton. I think I was the first person on the bus to go there. I was pumped as HELL as I came up on the bus. I tried not to annoy my bus mates as we went up there. I made it the school cafeteria and meet up with a large group from MRTT (Moms Run This Town). We took a really great group photo. I was next on a mission to come across my clients. I was feeling like double the nerves like I was amped for them. I tired to pass off my positive vibes. Took my last pre race pee and head to the starting coral.

I tired to breathe in deep at the starting line anything to avoid going out like a lightening bolt. I tried and tried and tried to choke my emotions down and keep my cool. But in my head I was hot mess. Want to cry laugh and sprint all at the same time. My heart was pounding the gun went off here we go tori you’ve got this I whispered to myself. 4:16 4:16 4:16…. OVERTAKE OVERTAKE OVERTAKE!

I tired to think about anything in the world but the race I keep distracting myself with the crowd. Looking for the super fan of the race. I think the spectators where coustumes or silly hats always get me the most pumped up. I made it to concordia. Tara a fellow MRTT told me to look for the press box at concordia and that would be my push and that exactly what I did. I went on I ignored my watch the entire race but some of the major race clocks were hard to ignore I saw that I did my half in 2:05 which means I had 2:11 to finish the other part of the race total doable.


My next monument of this race was Klode park, I told myself 4:16 don’t hold back you’ve got this just push yourself. It’s going to be uncomfortable but push, push, push. I didn’t feel like eating my last thing of food. But I knew that I needed to stick to my food plan and it was time to eat again. I made it the emery’s bike corner, however there was a lighthouse tent there instead. I ran into another MRTT lady Debbie, she took this awesome photo of me. It’s all downhill from here I told myself. That downhill is always kind of painful.

The last mile and a half felt really tough. I had an inner battle inside my head my demons wagged a heavy war. I went back forth and back and forth. I have this 4:16 I shouted audible 4:16 4:16 I tried not to cry. But I couldn’t help it. This number had defined me for so long. I needed to release it.


I crossed the finish line . Looked up and saw 4:19 on clock. I went to the tent to see the official time of 4:18:27. I actually am really ok with this time it’s still a PR by 2 minutes. I enjoyed my race despite some minor stress, my body felt good no gut issues and my recovery feels well. I don’t know when I’ll get my 4:16 but I also don’t care because I plan on doing this until I physically am unable and I’ll continue to find the fun and enjoy the marathon. Next race up for is the Madison Marathon.