Hank Aaron 5k

Hank Aaron 5k 




All smiles because today was another noncompetitive 5k. We like to participate in this race because it’s a family fun filled event. This course is very beautiful even though it’s so close to Miller park. The race features portions of the Hank Aaron Trail. A trail that I enjoy using and a part of the revenue generated goes back into the maintenance of the trail. I think this race would be hard to be competitive in because there are portion sthat become pretty narrow, so passing people has to be done in a little more delicate manor. 

Before the race began we spent some time going to some of the various booths. Collectivo Coffee was there, providing some small bakery items and coffee. My daughter and I really enjoyed it as a pre race snack. She also got some crayons and a coloring book. She was already having a great time. We also found some of our racing friends from Fleet Feet and I got to say “Hi” to one of my running inspirations, Dave. He did an 888k race which I think is crazy! Can’t even imagine a race like that. But maybe someday I’ll get around to a 50 or 100 miler. 

When the race started we were pushed back because we had the stroller. I find it a little more challenging to race with stroller because you have to be aware of the distance in front of the stroller. I find myself looking down to try to avoid people ankles. The first 2 miles of the course are through an industrial piece of Miller Valley. The last mile in my opinion is  the most beautiful piece of the course you go into the Three Bridges Park onto the trail into the finish line. 

After we crossed the finish line we had to get  wait in line for our root beer float, and burger. Then we waited around to see if we were one of the lucky 44th finishers. Every 44th Finisher gets a prize, because Hank Aaron was #44. No one in my family won. So we enjoyed our burger and planned to come back again next year.  I’m excited for my next race which is the Badgerland Strider Half in a week. Do you have any races that you run as a family tradition?