Brewers Mini Marathon

Brewers Mini Marathon Race Report



This was my 1st half marathon ever in 2012! Coming back here is always a bit nostalgic. I was nervous they weren’t going to have this event. There was some disagreements with the charity and the company who did the fundraising the last couple of years. Also, we lost the Rock n Sole Half Marathon in 2017, which was put on by the same company.  So I thought that possibly the event would just not come back. However, the announced it and sent out a save the date for the 2019 running season.

Before race day, I started to feel very anxious about my running season. My Badgerland Strider Half Marathon in August and my marathon in September did not go as well as I had anticipated. I felt like I needed to do a sub 2:05 today to try and keep my dream of getting a sub 4:20 at Lakefront alive. Yes, I know the math doesn’t make sense. But, it’s just the numbers I needed to hit to make myself feel reassured.



I went through my pre race ritual getting everything set up the night beforehand. Set out my gear and checked it twice. The last couple of weeks had been unseasonably warm and we were now getting to true fall weather. It was hard for me to not overdress. I wanted to wear pants and a long sleeve. But knew a better bet was shorts and tank top. We arrived on race morning and it was cool. I met up with our local MRTT group, one of the ladies from our group, Leah, she did her half marathon wearing a weighed vest to honor fallen police officers. After the photo I still need to ditch some layers and pee. I bustled around and made it to the starting coral. I kept bumping into people I knew and they’d ask my goal. I said I didn’t know or to finish. But to be completely honest I just didn’t know at the time.


The gun went off and the cooler temperature felt wonderful. I started off ahead of pace. I just told myself to calm down. But my body took over and my training of the summer and the miles put in were paying off I was pushing my speed. My body and mind felt at ease. Racing felt fun again. We came around purple door which is my favorite ice cream spot and I ran across my aunt and cousin going in the other direction. My pace seemed to be fast but I was going with the flow. When I came around to the Harley museum, I set a goal I was going for a sub two today. It felt like a sub two kind of day. Things were going my way. I ate and made my way back toward Miller park. Still feeling great we turned down some roads to go past Miller brewing company. I still felt great.


We turned the corner and I came across Sazs hill. Every year since I’ve participated in this race the Sazs hill has always set me back a few notches. This year it would not defeat me, I would conquer it and up I went! Still holding onto the sub two hour pace. We made our way to the turnaround point in Wauwatosa. I still held onto hope for my sub two hours. I would be cutting it close but I think I could still do this. I tried to block out my time for the last half hour and just focus on crossing the finish line. As I started to enter Miller Park I can across Alison from Oiselle. She took this awesome race photo of me and was proudly ringer out her cowbell. Just what I needed as I made my way into Miller Park. Going inside my Miller Park felt amazing, the energy felt great.


I made it across the finish line. Stopped my watch 2:02 something. I seighed heavy and started to feel disappointed. I went back to the finish line to cheer on my sister and her friend Allie. We then waited around for Paul to finish. I tired to remain positive but the feeling of dissatisfaction kept creeping in. I went home that afternoon and read something that made me smile. “Don’t let you expectation steal the joy from your reality.” In that moment that was exactly what I needed. I raced my best time to this date at the Brewers Mini Marathon! Next race up is the big one my “A” race of the year the Lakefront. If you see me out there this saturday give me a Shout Out!