S’more 24


So what’s the Smore 24 you ask? It’s a 24 hour race that you can break up as you choose; solo, duo, 4-person, or 8-person teams.  I’ve done Ragnar, but this was something new 4 person team- 24 hours running 3 mile loops. Participating in Ragnar and not being a huge fan, my expectations where set pretty low. However, Silver Circle Sports Events went above and beyond my expectations! 

From participating in the Ragnar I know it’s pretty necessary to bring extra clothes with you. I would suggest an outfit per leg that you are running. As an example I thought I would run about 6 legs so I wanted to pack 6 shirts, I would say pack an extra outfit to be safe. My teammate Elle had a pretty good idea, she packed her outfits in 20 gallon freezer bags which makes them easy to find and then you have a dirty clothes bag with you as well. Pack plenty of clothes if your planning on doing a race like this! 


Beyond packing clothes with you, you will also want to pack enough food. I’m a big fan of food, so it was an important part to me. Some of my race day essentials are from Trader Joe’s- plantain chips and pretzel bagels. Silver Circle provided fresh fruit and a food truck that served brisket for the majority of the race. Of course there was S’mores! In this aspect the race director, staff and volunteers exceeded my expectations. With everything packed and ready to go, I was officially race ready! 


When I arrived two hour before the race I realized I was late to the game. Many of the other participants had camped out the night before. However I’m not a great camper so I opted to sleep in my own bed the night before the race.  Not really knowing much about camping I didn’t know, rule #1 is find your tent some shade. So I put our campsite smack dab in the middle closest to the transition. Shortly after I got camp settled, it was time for me to run. 


We gathered in about an hour before the race to hear some of the rules of the course. I lined up in the starting corral. Starting off Team Bushwackers as best as I could. My teammates were Elle (a fellow oiselle bird), Kat (my sister), and Therese (my aunt). The first leg seemed harmless. Having run a few of Silver Circle’s events held in Nashotah Park. I knew that there was one hill to look forward too. Although in my head I thought it was at mile 2 in reality it’s much closer to Mile 2.5. I decided to nickname the hill “Rick the Prick.” Because I knew this was only our first encounter and much like Neagan and Rick our battle would be ongoing. I finished my first leg in 1:02:58. When I got back in I had a protein coffee, a turkey sandwich, and some plantain chips and a ton of water. The three hours went by fast and it was time for me to run again. 


I started Lap 2 close to 2 pm and it had gotten warm outside. The last three miles of my leg felt like an eternity. My stomach was churning and churning. I was begin to wonder if I could commit to this race much further. I came in and had never been happier to be done running. I finished my leg two in 57:48. I was not sure if it was the heat or the fact my electrolytes got thrown off or if I ate to much food after leg one. All I knew was I was going to dedicate the next hours on trying to feel better to run again. I only had some plantain chips, Gatorade, and a coke. I also had some pepto. I kicked back my feet for a few minutes before I was due out again. 


I swallowed pretty hard as I exchanged with Kat to go out on my third leg. I was pretty nervous about how my stomach would hold up. I got back out on my third leg and I actually felt pretty good. I think the sun and temperature going down contributed to my feeling a bit better. But according to my runner friends it was the Coca-Cola. I guess we’ll never know but I was happy to feel much better and finish this leg in 1:01:57. 


The sun started to set and it was clear that we were going to start our night runs. To follow the race rules we were required to wear a vest, and a back light. Running in the dark doesn’t really scare me. But it did intimidated my sister. I offered to run with her on her dark lap but she turned me down. My 1st night Leg wasn’t too dark and I felt free. The nice thing about night running is you can’t see the hills so the anticipation factor is eliminated. I didn’t get a chance to see “Rick the prick” coming but I felt him. I pushed through and got to see an amazing volunteer, Andi, she held out at the water station the whole night. I came back to base and ate and laid down to rest. I instructed Kat to wake me up when she went out for her leg. I woke up and the dew made me chilled. I had to go warm up by the fire. Trying not to annoy my fellow camp members and trying to eat a ton of smore. I waited for Kat to return to start my 5th leg. 


My watch died after the fourth leg so I had to use my phone to collect data. My fifth leg felt really good. I  had  to be cautious going down the hills. In the past few years I’ve found downhills to be a bit more of a challenge then heading up hills. I felt so good I debated running an extra lap but didn’t want to mess with my teammates. I finished off my leg with some s’mores and took a nap. 


I instructed Kat to wake me up when she started her lap. As I woke up to the dewy morning, my legs felt pretty heavy and I felt pretty tired. I was glad I didn’t do any 15k otherwise this last leg would have been awful. I was very happy finishing this lap because I knew that would mean I was done running this race. The not being fully recovered and not being well feed was starting to really catch up to me. I had already run 30 miles and I was finishing out the race running these last 6 to make it 36 miles. I had run 36 miles in 24 hours. I’m  sure that’s a first for me! 


The race director anounced that we were nearing the end of the race.  As our last runner Elle went out, we decided that we would wait a little before the finish line and all run in the lap together. We crossed the finish line!! I'm excited to be done with this run. I defintly felt exhausted but in a good way. 


My sister had been monitoring our team status the whole time. We came in 1st place. So we stayed post race for the awards and party. I was so happy that I got to be the first runner in the relay. It made the race much more enjoyable. I can’t wait to run this race next year!  Team Bush Wackers ran a total of 36 laps-totaling 109.44 miles. Have you ever run a relay race like this? What did you enjoy about it?