Wisconsin Trail Assail- Father’s Day 10k

Wisconsin Trail Assail 

Father’s Day 10k Race Report 

57:07- Watch Time 

56:21- According to the bib of the guy I stalked on social media for two day to find 



I’m not even going to pretend today’s race was great for me. I’ve sulked. I’ve poutex and I’ve cried and now I’m over it. Why I would like to pretend my pour sportman like behavior just didn’t exist unfortunately it did. While it may seem childish to through such a tantrum. I’m only throwing it because I do care and it’s a big deal to me. 


The good.  

Beautiful course. Held by an amazing race service with runner friendly volunteers. In fact many people who organize and participate in the race, volunteer before the race. I will always love the trail assail series and can’t really recommend it enough. I’m a converted trail runner from road running. There’s just something more excited about running in the wood versus running around outside. Knowing Saturday was going to be a warm one so I dressed pretty lightly. I was really happy that the sun stayed away only peaking out at the end of the race.  Like most of the trail assail races the 10k is two loops of the 5k race. Having previous experiences at this race series at this park,  I know it’s typically flat. So I was expecting to PR based on where my running has been so far this year. However I didn’t PR. Before the race I got to see some of my MRTT ladies- Liesel, Nicole, Tara , Dora. Some of my long time running friends CJ, Hannah, and Chuck. Overall it made me really happy to be back “out” on a Saturday morning. Plus, my family has been participating in the whole series except for me. 


The bad. 

The course was muddy then I was prepared for. My newish trail shoe came off...twice. I bought these trail shoes about 3 month ago and I’ve only put about 50 Miles on them. So I’ve never quite “tested” them in these conditions. I don’t think I’ll chose to wear these for Dances with dirt but I think I’ll bring them as a backup for the 24 hour run. I also think I need to invest in some shoe gaiters before dances with dirt to keep the rock out of flying in the tips of my shoes. 


The ugly.  

My timing chip didn’t work. I didn’t PR today. Today was a total mental game, due to not being prepared about the mud and my shoes coming off my first mile took me 10:30 minutes. Which is slow for me after that point I was trying to play catch up. After exhausting myself attempting to catch up. I realized that at mile 3 a PR was out of the question and I started to slow off of a 8 min/mile pace. Silly thing, I shouldn’t have listened to the voice in my head. I guess maybe that’s why I was mostly sad I hardly ever let my self doubt win but I did on Saturday. Then, that coupled with my timing chip not working just lead to my bad experience. All I can do is focus on today and  not letting the voice win today!



Next race on tap is Smore 24, any guesses to how many miles I get in on a 4 person team?