Run Like a Mother 2018

My first official 5k race of the year!!!! 


I couldn’t have felt more excited. I feel like my conditioning was in tip top shape from getting ready for my bodybuilding competition . Although my eating isn’t exactly geared towards running right now. I typically enjoy running with my mom but decided I really wanted to try to PR. My adult 5k PR is 25:00 exactly.  I know I’m in the best shape of my life right now so I know I can finally break 25 minutes. 


I got all nervous on Friday about the race. I set my things out on Saturday. I typically set out my race outfits ahead of time, it helps keep me organized and awesome.  


It rained in Milwaukee all of Friday and all of Saturday. But we woke up to dry but breezy morning. Today is mother’s day. I try to get my daughter to give me some kisses but she is cranky probabaly my horrible mood last week rubbing off on her. I feel really excited about this race. We get to the race and I pick up my packet. I get a little nervous so I go on a quick ten minutes jog on the course to clear my mind. Make a pit stop because I’ve been drinking two gallons of water a day which makes me need to pee a lot!



The race starts. I feel an overwhelming sense of peace. This race is a little crowded at the beginning but I keep my composure trying not to sprint out around anyone.


Mile 1 done felt easy. Mile 2, I tell myself now or never. Put in the work, grind. I can tell we  I feel empowered! I come around the corner and I can see the clock. I see the numbers change but can’t quite read them. I see it change. Does it say 25? Did I not get my PR?!? My heart sinks but I dig deeper because you can always dig deeper I get closer and realize it says 23..... I give it all I have and cross the finish line 23:13! My new adult PR!!! F$$$ yeah and I did it on prep!!! 



The race concludes and the result are in 2nd place in my age group. I could not be more pleased. For five years I waited for this PR. It feels so good to be at that level. 💥 Time to face my next challenge getting through this last week of prep!