Reverse Dieting- 1st Month


So we all know what “dieting” is but do you know what reverse dieting is?

 Reverse dieting is the process of slowly adding food back in to bring your calories up. Adding the food back into your diet slowly allowing your body to adjust back to maintaince calories. We want to try to allow the metabolism to recuperate. Also your coach will slowly reduce your cardio. Although this may seem like an easy process it’s actually quite difficult because you are still very hungry. Also adding things back in like dairy, sugar alcohols, gluten, and sugar usually cause discomfort and bloating. Plus like you’ll see in my report- your dealing with post show blues, body dysmorphia, and occasional binging. 


 Week One 

Monday ( 2 days post show)

Didn’t know if it was the dreary weather or the post show blues. But man I was really tired all day, stuck to my macros. Bought back my favorite thing! My Starbucks misto drink! I felt really sleepy all day. Did 20 minutes of fat burning cardio. Pretty much slept as much as humanly possible. 

Tuesday (3 days post show)

I do 20 minutes of steady state cardio. My energy level and willingness to go to the gym is pretty low. So I stay out of the gym. Trying to wrap my head and mentally prepare for my physical changes ahead of me. 

Wednesday (4 days post show)


Weighed in at 117. My stage weight was 109. I’m ok with this number on the scale. This is my first weigh in post show. My first real workout back in the gym with some lifting. I I feel gross so I skip some cardio. I worked really hard to get in my protein intake because I knew I was going to a good event with some friends later that night.  I over indulge and eat all the food I can at our food event. 


Thursday (5 days postshow) 

I had my first snacksiddent. I was driving to work and picked up some rice cakes wanted to only eat two but end up eating four. Tried to control the binge by dumping my night carbs in the garbage. Reverse dieting is not for sissies! I feel hungry all the time and just want to eat a sugar stick. 

Friday (6 days postshow)

I'm pretty good all day. I tried to eat some dairy today. I probably won't add that back in just yet. It gives me some extreme stomach cramps. 

Saturday (One full week post show) 


Weighed in at 116.5. My stage weight was 109. I feel bloated and nasty. I feel like I already look fluffy and lost a lot of my cuts. My workouts have been kinda crappy this week. I haven't been prioritizing them and haven't been going as hard as normal. Just trying to get my body to recover a little bit. Went to CrossFit for the morning WOD. It was a pretty good workout- I was happy for the most part my overhead squats moved really nice. I felt pretty controlled with 65 lbs so my strength is making a comeback. I attempted a few reps of shoulder press at 90 lbs after my 3rd failed attempt. I called it a day. Enjoyed some bread post workout. 1/2 slice felt pretty fluffy. Today I get 180 grams of carbs!! Wahoo!!! 



Week 2

New Macros - same cardio schedule 

Sunday (8 days postshow)

Felt pretty low! Defined having some post show blues.  My hormones also are experience so many extremes. Try not to isolate myself doing these times. But I’m so cranky and hungry. 

Monday (9 days postshow) 

Mindset reset! I have an important phtotahoot in a few days so I’m trying to use that as fuel to keep me on track. I go in and participate in Murph- beat my time by a little bit 48:15.


Have my second snackcident and demolish a bowl on pineapple. The worst thing is when you try a piece and then one becauses two three and four. I also eat a whole uneasured chicken breast. 

Tuesday  (10 days postshow) 

I’m really trying to keep my self honest and 100% on track with macros. Today I’m successful no binges, snackccidents and Igot a good workout in . I feel energetic again maybe it was a few extra days off of work. 

Wednesday  (11 days postshow)

Time to check in weight in at 115.5 lbs, my stage weight was 109. I feel pretty gross and look gross when comparing my Saturday to Wednesday check in. I guess when you make don’t watch your sodium levels and eat pineapple apparently you’ll look like you’ve gained about 10 pounds. 😢 I’ve also been experimenting with dairy and pieces of bread. Despite feeling low from the “progress”. I go to the gym. 



I crush my leg day having a fantastic  workout. I feel great. I blow this weight in off. I eat my macros. I stay on course. 

Thursday (12 days postshow) 

Wednesday into Thursday I sleep probabaly the worst I’ve slept post show. I had a lot of anxiety about going to the dentist my whole entire thing with my dad started from a dental procedure and he ended up in the ICU for a month. Now I totally understand this fear is 100% irrational. But it still exists. I get in a 75% amazing training session today. Don’t know exactly what my next physical challenge will be but possible I’ll do the frozen otter. So I get home eat and go out for weighted vest run. I wear myself down physically enough to deal with the dentist. My appetite is very suppressed. I struggle to eat my dinner. But know my body needs the fuel. Also my prep brain hasn’t disappeared. I go to start my car and because of my keyless entry it won’t start. Dump out purse search for keys only to find key was left on door for several hours. Tomorrow will be a new day. 

Friday (13 days postshow) 

Overanalyising my mouth pain. I sleep horribly again. I sleep for a total of five hours and I’m upset. I know how important my sleep is. I wake up extra extra crabby. I stare a new summer class. I’m really excited for! I have a 7 am client. I spend the rest of my morning running. I make a short video for my friend who is running a 888k yep you read that right.  I stop into CrossFit for the partner workout. Have a good power hour class.  Get a spray tan and stay on track with my macros. 

Saturday (Two Weeks postshow) 

Today I get 185 carbs!!! Feels like a dream!  Have my check in and I weigh in at 117 lbs, up 8 pound from show.  It would be miserable to stay show lean year round. I feel pretty comfortable and confident about my body for the photo shoot. 


Week 3  

New Macros, Cardio Reduction  

Sunday Funday (15 days postshow) 

Today is photoshoot day. I feel satisfied waking up after all the carb yesterday. I feel gorgeous from having my make up done! 


So proud of 2018 Bodybuilding Team we all so fantastic, love having teammates!  


My workout feel short but I try to keep it intense. It feel odd not being at the gym for 2-3 hours. I spend the majority of the rest of the day relaxing. My craving really feel diminished. However I take my daughter out for an ice cream treat.


Nothing really too notable. Again short workouts start to feel weird. One of the things I actually like is my long, long workout! Helps keep me level headed. Bought a few extra things to try to jazz up my meals for the week however I just stick to my prep foods because it easier. A lot of people will say isn’t it gross eating the same thing every day. It’s usually not. Even once in a while when I’m having an food adversion but for the most part. Prep food is my normal food. 


Today is check in day my weight is now up to 118, 9 pound over my stage weight. People are starting to notice I’m become heavier and they always feel like they need to mention it. Which is always slightly annoying. They say things like “ahh your double chin came back” or “maybe you should stare doingore crunches.” I try to not let this get to me. 




Today is insanely busy. It’s times like today where meal prepping makes my day less stressful. I know I don’t need to worry about my food. 


My family keeps inviting me and encouraging me to go out for dinner. I give in and go out for a fish fry. However I ordered baked fish allthought it may seem healthier I’m sure the fat content is still the same. I also enjoy the coleslaw and potato pancakes! 


Check in today weighed in at 119, above my stage weight by ten pounds I still feel like my body looks pretty great. My energy level is started my to improve. I feel my strength level starting to come back. Overall I feel pretty happy about things.  


Week 4  

Cardio decreases, food increases


My macros currently look like



Today is the introduction of a low day. I stay in track until I decide I’m craving Chinese food. I fall off my macros wagon and indulge in Chinese. 


I feel very sluggish and gross probabaly from Sunday’s Chinese food binge. Today’s workout isn’t the greatest. I woke up with a bad headache. I feel pretty gross.  


Macros are on point, workouts today are exactly where they need to be. Today feels good!  


Morning check in is still at 119.5 pounds I feel like I’m leveling off a bit. I’m technically 10 pounds above my stage weight. But, no more crazy ups and downs. 



I feel great today! My workouts went great I felt like I was fresh. My energy level feels great. Feeling like I’m in my home stretch of reverse dieting. My craving are low. 


I wake up feeling fantastic. No alarm this morning which is always a plus. My energy level is good. I go into the gym today and dominate. I got in 6 reps at 95 pounds on my bench. Which is amazing, my bench PR is 105 pounds. But I don’t think that’s true anymore. Possibly I’ll retest that one rep max in the future.  


i made it! 4 weeks of reverse dieting! A lot of blood, sweet and tears. I weight in today at 120.5. Today feels good and I race in a 10k this morning. 



So let’s recap my reverse dieting for this first month. I’m currently 11 pounds from my stage weight. Which sounds like a lot of weight, but it’s really not. I’ll do a body composition with my coach soon. I’m experiencing some mild body dysmorphia. It’s so hard to see your lines fade. My abs waver in and out of being sighted. My relationship with food is being healed. I occasionally binge but try to keep it controlled. I’m hardly ever hungry anymore. My energy level feel fairly good, I experience some stretches of tried days and a bad workout every once and awhile. My post show blues are gone. I still experience a little “prep” brain or maybe I’m just being forgetful. Overall I plan on coming back to the stage but not for two or three years. I’m sticking with my macros indulging in a few treats here and there.  

Top photos: 6/16/2018 120.5 pounds  Bottom photos: 5/23/2018 117.0 pounds

Top photos: 6/16/2018 120.5 pounds

Bottom photos: 5/23/2018 117.0 pounds

Have you ever reversed dieted? How’s it go for you