2018 Milwaukee Muscle Madness

Week 1 (April 22nd- April 28th) in between shows felt amazing. On April 25th I had mentally committed myself to staying in prep and doing another show.  I was riding the wave of excess food and carbs. On April 22nd I ate pretty much whatever I pleased. 




Week 2 (April 29- May 5th) was hell. I don’t know if it was husband being off of work, my hormones fluctuating, or my daughters birthday. Perhaps it was a combination of all three but man o mighty I felt like cranky junk.  I just kept snapping. It was very mentally exhausting. At this point I really questioned my decision to stay in prep. My body also seemed to be revolting against me. Maintain my weight seemed to be challenging. 


Week 3 (May 6th-12th) life felt much better I entered into a state of zen. I felt empowered and in control again.  I felt for the most part mentally stable. I wasn’t snapping quite as much. I was tired and hungry but accepting those facts and trying to move past them. Just trying to look at the light at the end of the tunnel. 



Week 4 (May 13th- 19th) embrace the Mombie state. Sunday was mother’s day and despite not enjoying a mimosa I still enjoyed my day! I got to to a morning race- Run like a mother. Did a personal best 5k race-23:13!  Got to see my mom. Sunday started off pretty nice. Weighed in at 113. Not to horrible of a way to start off my peak week. 


Monday (May 14th)

Came and I felt tired woke up for 5 am CrossFit, did some upper body circuit training. Did sprints between client, listened to some podcasts. Checked in with my coach all was well. Weight held steady at 113.

Tuesday (May 15th) 

Hit some more upper body circuits, went on the stairmaster. Put in an extra 20 minute cardio session. Felt pretty tired but nothing too crazy. Weight still held steady at 113. Started to get a little nervous body didn’t seem to be very reactive. My coach had to talk me down from being so crazy and getting so nervous. Tried really hard to remain calm. Just focused on practicing my posing. 

Wednesday (May 16th)   

Finally the drop that I was looking for! I finally felt validated for the hungriness! Weighed in at 110! Did a full body circuit with 15 pound dumbbells and hill sprints. Tried to just have a calm peaceful relaxing day. Slept really amazing on Wednesday night! Starting to feel really good about Saturday. 


Thursday (May 17th) 

I felt like today was my last hard day of my prep. I’m still relatively low for my macros. I still had a full day of work. I just tried my best to grin and bear the rest of the day. Drank a lot of coffee. Did a full  body workout with the resistance band. 

Friday (May 18th)


Finally the day of fun begins!! My carb went up to 200 grams!!! My sugar was under 30 grams so I don’t get to indulge in anything fun yet. I only worked for two hours. Enjoyed coffee and upper body workout with my mom. Went to get my nails done went with a little different look this time. Noel, my coach did my spray tan using a moose that we ordered on the internet called dark as . My tan was very dark this time. Went to athlete check in. The check in was super quick. Just a height check and class verification. Came home ate dinner and just tried to relax and coast through 8 hours of sleep. 

SHOWDAY ( May 19th 2018) 


Woke up at 2 am! I tried to go back to bed but it just wasn’t happening. Felt like crossing the finish line on this prep! Phew! I made it through this week and this round of prep!!!  Got out of bed around 4 am. Weighed in at 109 pounds. Ate my first meal of a fillet steak at 4:30 am because we were due on stage at 10:30. Waited around my house with my feet up playing on my phone until about 5:15 am double checked my food. Picked up coffee I get enjoy a cold brew with cream this morning!! Yum yum yum! It’s super delicious! My sister and mom help me with my hair and make up.


I leave their house around 7 am to head by my teammates house. My coach gives me another tanning layer, and we touch up my makeup. I feel glamorous and ready to go! We have to report to the venue at 9 am. We wait around for about an hour and a half. I got extremely nervous and anxious before prejudging. Ugh! It’s the worst! At least at a marathon you can sprint around. I get glued and oiled then it’s time to line up to get in stage. Prejudging gets done around 10:30 am. I stick around to watch some of the other classes. Everyone looked so good!  


Now I just have to wait for the night show. I go home and spend some time with my husband and daughter. We drop my daughter off at my mom house before the night show. I take some photos with my family. My dad has been extremely ill this prep and I was really happy to go to his house and share some of my fun day with him. I’m not opposed to my daughter seeing me like this it’s just easier to not have to watch her. Finals go and it seems to go by in a flash. Despite really focusing on my posing this year.I feel like it still lacking. Something to look forward to in a future season. We meet a giant group of people at cafe Hollander after the show! It was a really fun night! 


Sunday (May 20th) 


Full day eating fest!!! I woke up after 11 hours of sleep. Just to start eating. I enjoyed all the food! People are always asking me what I eat so here it is-  Two Bags of coconut clusters, Berry cheesecake crepes, Biscuits and gravy

Large orange Gatorade, two bags of plantain chips, a Press- blackberry, two Reese’s big cups, a Bag of Roasted coconut chips, a Weekend at Louie’s beer, 12 Buffalo Wild Wings, Mac and cheese, Dessert nachos and I finished with an Easy teasy beer. 



Overall, I was very proud of my accomplishments this past season of competing. I was really happy to make the switch from bikini to figure. Hopefully I’ll have a great time reverse dieting and make it back on stage sometime in the distant future.  Thank you for all the support!