Final Days before my Figure Competition

Being that this is the last competition I plan on doing for the foreseeable future. I wanted to keep a journal of how I was doing the last 15 days as almost a memento of my journey and for anyone who is interested in competing. 

April 6th- 15 Days Out

Woke up at 3:30. Near the end of competition prep, I find sleep to be difficult. I tried to fall back asleep but it wasn’t happening got a total of 6.5 hrs for the night.

Meet up for a 6 am run. Ran the hardest I’ve ran in a while- 8:58 min/ miles. Felt awesome, I love running again.

Needed Coffee, coffee is my life now- I’m a total Starbucks gal. I miss my almond milk Mistos but gave them up about a week ago.

Went lifting. I’m currently doing triset lifting workouts.

Chest workout 4/6/18

Set 1 x3

15-Bench Press-65#

15-Svend Press- 10#

15-KB Swings- 35#

Set 2 x3

15-Incline Press- 45#

15-Incline Flys-12#

15-Ball Slams-20#

Set 3x3

15- DB Pullovers-20#

15- Pec Deck- 70#

15-Decline Push-ups

Finished the morning up with CrossFit partner workout- my partner was Dori she pushes me hard.



At 2 pm I always turn a bit hungry. 😢 Feeling anxious and hungry I decide to sip on some non caffeinated tea. Tea helps a bit the 2pm to 3 pm hour is usually the worst. Along with the hour before bedtime. I finish my water. The night ends, I get to sleep tomorrow is check-in with my coach. 

April 7th- 14 Days Out 

Got in a good 9.5 hours of sleep. Checked in with coach, current weight is at 113.5. My projected stage weight is 112. When I was in the bikini class I competed weight in at 110 and 105.



My check in photos look like this 


I want to down about 3,000 calories of food right now, I eat my eggs and sweet potatoes  and hit the gym instead. 

My workout today is arms, 40 minutes of steady state cardio, and yoga.  

Arm Day Workout  

Set 1 x3

SA OH Press x15

Angled Press x15  

Ball Slams x20

Set 2 x3

Cable Bicep Curls x 15  

Hammer Curls x 15  

Alt Rope Slams x20

Set 3x3  


OH extension x15  

Upper Body Mntn climbers x15  

Went to Boston store to buy some earring for the show. My daughter made me pretty frustrated yesterday, she wouldn’t nap and got to bed at about 10 pm. Which means I get to bed at 10pm. Don’t know if it’s the prep stress or just us not getting along. 

April 8th- 13 days Out

After sleeping 8.5 hours, I wake up to a super cranky kid. Yesterday was my refeed day. So we are watching for any changes.  

I don’t really notice much. Other then I feel pretty satisfied after a carb up. Sunday is my “off day” so I go to hot yoga with a friend. I’ve never been to Hot yoga. I really enjoyed the warmth of the room. Felt nice to lengthen myself and connect. My cardio went up to 7 days this week, so I chose to go do my sprints. I get pretty hungry from noon until dinner time- so I sit around sipping tea working on office work to try and distract myself. Plus I’m very cold all the time so the warmth of tea helps. The hour before bed I whiten my teeth and mask my face to distract myself from hunger and wanting a beer. 

April 9th- 12 Days Out  

Slept a total of 7 hour last night, woke up to an insanely busy day today. With it being spring break time, I have had a lot of schedule changes. I ended up getting in my workout at 3pm today.

Leg day  

50x Back squat  

1 minute jump rope  

50x front squat  

1 minute jump rope  

50x goblet squat  

1 minute jump rope

50x Walking Lunges  

1 minute jump rope  

50x Bulgarian split squat

1 min jump rope 

50x reverse lunges  

1 minute jump rope  


Hopped on the stairmaster tuned into a podcast. I didn’t have time to feel hungry because I was so busy so the hunger was existent but not bothersome as it was over the weekend. I get back home at 9:30 get my stuff ready and sleep. I got my peak week food list from my coach so I factor in some last minute grocery shopping. Looks like I’ll get to try some steak filets. 😋


April 10th- 11 Days Out  

Kinda slept like poop last night only got about 6.5 hour of sleep. Just too much going in my mind. I got to work out in my normal time frame today (8-10). Felt pretty awesome! Stopped by at CrossFit after during shoulder and going on the stairmaster for 33 minutes.  


Crossfit felt pretty tough but I tried my best. Came home took a quick shower and then started in on my food prep. I needed to make eggs and ground turkey today. Food prep took me about an hour and half. Then I was still pretty tired and overstimulated. I went tanning in a tanning bed. I’m just trying to establish some color before I get spray tanned. Ate my last meal at 7:30 instantly felt hungry. Just tried to hop into bed and focus on something else, SLEEP! 

April 11-10 Days Out  

Wednesday’s are usually not to busy, so I woke up late resulting in about 8 hours of sleep. 😊 Today I start my peak week- it’s going to be 10 days long.  

My current weight is 113. So I’m down half a pound since Saturday morning.  


I look like this currently: 


I’m not noticing too many changes but it’s not my job to notice changes. My macros changed a bit I’m at 160 protein, 90 carbohydrates, and 40 fat leaving me with 1360 calories for the day. I’m drink 1.5 gallons of water today. Got in a quick workout before 10am. Meet up with a friend to have some coffee and discuss the 2018 running season. Went to visit my dad who has been in the hospital the last couple of weeks. Today he finally made it to the rehab unit. 

April 12th - 9 Days Out  

My daughter decide that she doesn’t want to sleep resulting in 4.5 hours of broken sleep. Another morning check in down 0.5 lbs and my macros remain the same.  


My dad had another complication, so I end up missing my morning workout time to go to the hospital, landing him back in the ICU. I stay at the hospital until I need to workout. Go and get in a quick chest workout and do my 40 minutes of steady state cardio. Today felt very rough, I felt very attacked in my personal life. I know it the low food that make me moody. Tomorrow will be a new day! 

April 13th-8 Days Out  

I wake up after 6 hours of sleep, I decided that getting up earlier was my only way to ensure I could work out.  Have my morning check in  I’m up half a pound- so my current weight is 113. I try to brush it off and tell myself a number doesn’t define me. But it really hard to not play the comparison game. Got in a good arm workout and 40 minute steady state cardio. Went to posing practice. 


Felt pretty good there. Had to run back to the hospital for 6 hrs because my dad is still very sick. Came home and tossed and turned because I had piece of cinnamon sugar free gum on an empty stomach. Turns out sugar alcohol made me really sick.

April 14th- 7 Days Out  

I woke up today with a smile! I woke up weighing in 112. Which was unexpected because of my stomach being so upset.  Even though I only slept about 6.5 hours today is my last leg day!!! Woot!!! Woot! This means there is light at the end of my tunnel!!!! 😊   Next week I’ll make the transition from doing body part splits to full body circuits. 

My last leg day looked like this:  

Back Squats x 15 reps @ 95 pounds

Bulgarian Split Squats x 15 reps @ 15 pounds

Walking Lunges x 15 reps @ 15 pounds

45 Leg Press x15 reps @ 180 pounds

Laying Hamstring Curls x 15 reps @ 65 pounds

Leg Extensions x 15 reps @ 55 pounds

Box jumps x 15 reps with 24 inch box  

Rest 1 min; Repeated 4 times  

Went on Stairmaster for 33 minutes and went to work.

Today is a 2 gallon water day, I feel frozen to the bone. I’m honestly so cold. I’m getting to a state of leanness that wearing my everyday clothes just isn’t working out well.  So, I layer myself up and try to stay warm. I also get to eat a steak today to try to determine what I’ll eat before I go on stage. At 9:30 pm I finally finish my water. 


April 15th- 6 Days Out

I only get 7.5 hour of interrupted sleep. I had to wake up and go to the bathroom. Weight in today was at 112.5. 6 days out feel pretty good!


Gotta love my crazy bed head! I’ve got a week worth of fun appointments starting on Tuesday so I’m pretty excited!!! :) 

I felt so so hungry all day. I ventured out into snowy Wisconsin to go tanning and to the gym. The gym was pretty busy considering the weather. Only 33 minutes on the stairmaster today. Getting in my two gallons of water felt pretty hard. I feel like the first gallon and half was easy but then it got harder from there. I feel super tempted to eat cruddy food right now. So I whitestrip my teeth and head to bed to try to forget the cravings. 

April 16th-5 Days out

I wake up around 5 am after 6.5 hour of broken sleep. Check in weight at 112, seems like I’m holding pretty steady. Get to the gym around 5:45 am it snowed again in Wisconsin overnight. Gotta love this “spring weather” we keep getting. Hit up some good Chest, Tricep and shoulders. Rounded it out with 33 minutes on the stairmaster.

Head to work, had clients until about 12:30pm.  Head to the hospital to see dad, he’s recovering from another surgery head to work again. Head to get Lucy. Head home. Head to bed.  Keeping busy these last couple of days through prep. 

April 17th- 4 Days Out 

Wake up around 3:30 am, weight in at 113. It’s hard to recognize that I’m going to be heavier on stage this time through. But it what it is and I have to learn to let it go. Last time I weight in at 105.


Get to gym, get in a nice full body workout, complete with 40 minutes of steady state cardio. Go to train clients from 6 to 9:30am. Go back to the hospital and end up visiting with dad for a bit, he seems in good spirits today!, but he’s still in the ICU!  I feel a little weight lifted off my shoulders. This week begins my week of fun. Today I get to go get waxed! 😊

Get home late from working with clients eat dinner and head to bed. Other than the hunger I’m having so many thoughts right now. It feels like time is truely moving so slow but also it’s bittersweet because my moment is almost over. 

April 18th- Three Days Out  

Only slept 6 hours last night. I think my mind is starting to go crazy. I’ve been having so many debates about my future why this part of my journey is important. How I would feel if Lucy was doing this because to some degree this isn’t healthy. But then I went to bed knowing that this is my right path. Although it isn’t “healthy” it’s temporary and so many thing aren’t “healthy” but we do them anyways. Not trying to justify doing unhealthy things, but I know every once in a while it’s ok to make an unhealthy choice. 

Morning weight at check in was 113 pounds. Seem to be holding steady right there. I feel really confident about my look right now. 

Todays big goal is to get hair done. 


Got my hair done! 😊 Now I feel a bit better like it’s all starting to come together. I’m still feeling really hungry and really in the mood for a cheeseburger and some french fries. I’ve got two more days “hard eating” where my carbs are a bit lower. I just need to make it through tonight and tomorrow like 36 hours. I feel like I can do it.  

April 19th- Two Days Out  

Today is my last hard day of low carbs. I can do this!!! 😊 Had to be to work at 6 am was kinda worried about the snow so I woke up around 4:30 am . Felling pretty groggy. Today was filled with this workout. 


I added in some bicep curls, planks and dips as well. I did 20 minutes of steady state cardio. I also went and sat in the sauna for 15 minutes. I kept really busy today so I didn’t really seem to notice how hungry I am. I can only tell I feel very burned out energy wise. 

April 20th- One Day to Showtime

I wake up after 8 hours of sleep. Yeah for sleep! I check in weighing 111.5lbs. I wake up and start putting together food for show day. Carefully weighing out my almond butter and jelly.  Currently 6.5 pounds above my old stage weight. But I know I look better. 

My carbs go up to 200 today!!!!! 😊 Yes!!!!!!!  I love carbs!!!! I start my morning off with my favorite egg bites and 5 oz of sweet potatoes. Eating 5 oz of sweet potatoes feels so amazing especially after being so low for so long. I go to the gym repeat the same workout as yesterday. I take care of a few clients, go home and exfoliate. Drive out to Madison for my polygraph and spray tan. Get my first layer of spray tan and relax at Starbucks. I wanted to go to the cat cafe but they were closed until three. Boo! Head back for my second layer of spray tan. Head back to MIlwaukee. Stop at the brewery and buy a ton of beer. Resist the urge to open said beer. But I know it will taste better once I get home tomorrow. 



Grab Lucy and head home. Try to relax with my feet up but my daughter keeps me so so busy. There was still so much to do when I got home I get to bed around 10 pm. Tomorrow is show day!!!! 

Thank you so much to everyone who reached out to me over the past few weeks to wish me good luck! I really appreciate it and maybe just maybe I’m crazy enough to do this in a few weeks again. 😜