2018 Wisconsin Natural Bodybuilding Championships

I wake up at 2 am! 😱 I put about an hour and half of guided meditation on to try to fall back asleep. It totally doesn’t work. I take a few deep breathes and just lay there. My alarm goes off at 5:30 am. I get out of bed. Check in with my coach my new stage weight is 109.5. 



I eat my first meal at 6 am: 

4 oz Filet & 4 oz of sweet potatoes & 16 grams of Almonds

I actually feel pretty full right now. At 7 am my friend comes over to do my makeup! Yeah I’m so so so excited for this! 


At 8 am I’m already eating again this time I’m eating better oats, and some banana. Then I leave for Madison again. The drive out to Madison is humbling. I think a lot about my parents, my husband and friends. I value all my bonds. Get to athlete check in at 10 am, time to eat again!!! 😊 The funniest thing is I drove behind my coach the whole time! 

After check in it’s time for me to eat again! This time I’m eating chicken and sweet potato.  At this point eating all this food kinda seem hard. It’s so much more then I’ve been used to the last couple of week. 

I have two hours before prejudging but it goes by insanely quick. I had to get my tan taken care of and we had an athlete meeting. I was the very second group to hit the stage. I pump up backstage before I’m called on. I always hate the waiting before the prejudging it’s so nerve racking. The make you stand up in a line and you can hear everything. At least at a running race you can do some sprints out of the starting line and back. 


I get off stage from prejudging. they moved me around. So my heart kinda sank. Usually when they move you around it’s because they are comparing you to other people. My mind kinda goes to the worst case senario. I go out to eat my second portion of steak and sweet potato.  Now I get to just chill until the night show. We go out for coffee, I really love the fact I get to have coffee with cream and sugar today. 

The night show come up quick. Again I’m the second group to go out on stage. I mess up my T walk a little, but just try to shake it off. No matter how my times I practice my posing is my weakest part. They line us up and start to announce the places. 4th place not my name. I get really excited. 3rd place not my name.... I think my heart skips a beat. 2nd place, I hear my name, I can tell my heart skips a few beats. 


I can’ believe it!!! Seconds place!!!!  I feel so proud of myself. I did better than I ever imagined!