Crossfit Open 2018



Phew glad that’s done!  When I heard the announcement I was nervous about the 35 pound dumbbells. About a year ago I sprained my wrist losing form finishing a set with 40 pound dumbbells. So on Friday I gave this one a slight test run- just to see if I could eek out some 35 lbs reps. I got in about 20 on my left side before I just called it quits try to allow it to rest until Monday. After talking with the coaches at my box. I decided it was in my best interest to do the workout RX. Round 1 done felt like I was hitting a pretty good pace. When I got to round 3 I could tell my grip had it with toes to bars. The next round I fell off the bar at 5 reps. I started round 4 with my weaker shoulder first, hoping to complete all the reps. Switched on over to my other side and got them in, I had made it pass #20 rep on my left side. Although I was starting to feel exhausted this little victory boosted me to  push me through the next five minutes. I finished set 5. And then set 6. With a few minutes I figured I would try to eek out a 7th round but I felt myself moving in slow motion and the fatigue had set in. For these last couple I thought I would start with my strong arm and at least get in 5. I surprised myself and my weak arm got in all the reps. Shocked with seconds remaining I hoped on the rower and sprinted like hell. I managed to get in three calories and was pretty damn proud of getting in 201 reps. :) I have no regrets and was estatic to finish my first open workout officially RX!!! 



I was pumped when I heard 18.2 announcement. Another do-able workout! I decided I was going to try to RX this workout once again. Even if I didn’t get through the ladder I would hope for the best. I talked strategy with the other members at the gym. Monday morning came and I decided I would RX the workout. I made it through the ladder in 10:57. Leaving me only 1:03 to get my clean, I loaded 75 lbs up as my starting clean. I got it up. Loaded up 95, got it up. Loaded 105 which is “problem” weight. I knew the calorie deficit from my show was not going to be on my side. With a few seconds to spare I attempted 105, no rep. I was proud of myself for RXing the workout. I wish I would have gotten up the 105 clean but I can’t complain. I was just really happy to RX my second open workout!!! 




Up until this point I felt pretty at ease with Dave Castro’s open announcements. However this one rolled around and I felt royaly screwered over muscle ups and double unders in the same wod. Wow Castro wow. I’m still pretty much unable to preform double unders, you could attempt to help me but the rhythm just escapes me. As far as muscles ups go, I’m also unable to do one of those. I decided I just needed to scale and hope for the best. I could see what could make this WOD so unpredictable a couple of jumprope misses and the time cap could come around to get you. However, I made it through the first round with just enough time to spare to give me hopes on finishing the second one. Got into the second round and my grip could only take 4-5 pull-ups at a time. I’ve never been able to master the CrossFit kip, so when I need to I use my knees and kinda kick or run in the air to get up. 😂 It probabaly looks a little silly but it works for most wods and one day I’ll get where I need to be. But, the loss of control and weakness causes me to lose my grip. I’d give myself a few seconds and hop back on the bar. Under the last minute I was near the end of the WOD. I just pushed as hard as I could I came up 4 pull-ups short of finishing the WOD. This is the first WOD I left finishing a bit disappointed but I don’t think if I attempted again in the next couple of days that I could have finished under the time cap. Next year I feel like I’ll work on some strength things at it will be much better! 





I heard the open announcement and thought -Bring on the gymnastics! Handstand pushups and handstand walks in the wod. The deadlifts sounded are heavy but I feel like there were doable. The question is if I could handstand pushups without the ab mats under my head. Do to the open rules you can’t use a pad under head. I usually get to place an ab mat under my head so it makes them “easier”. Also the handstand walks were a big question, my handstand is a little shaky but maybe just maybe I could get this one.  I walked into the CrossFit gym and decided my best bet was to scale this one. The first half of the workout felt easy, but then I added 45 lbs onto my bar. Woah, that got heavy fast. I struggled to get through my 21 reps, pushed out the bear crawl. Tired returned to the bar for 15 reps, got in another bear crawl which felt like a rest. Tired and out breathe knew that I had to bust out this next 9 and a bear crawl to get in under the time cap. I hunkered down and pushed through. Phew, got another open wod done! I’m very happy I chose to scale this particular workout. 





The day before the workout announcement Castro told us we were going to chose this workout. I joked with another member about how it was going to be a trick like secretly we would end up doing all three. However that wasn’t the case, phew! I know I can do pull-ups pretty well. But would I be able to get in any chest to bar pull-ups? I attempted it the following day.  I realized I could get in a few at a time. 😊

I decided to RX this workout. At first this ascending ladder felt get. The 3 reps was a confidence booster, it felt awesome. After I got through the 6s, I felt like dead meat. The rest of the workout felt so tough, I felt like I was beating a dead horse. The 7 minute timecap felt unbearable. I just kept trying to push foward. Glad it’s over, I was proud of myself to get through the 12s. 


I felt really proud of myself for doing the open again this year. I was able to RX 3/5 workouts that’s very awesome, last year I scaled every work out. My goal is next year to RX all the workouts.


I put up the leader boards from what last year looks like compared to this year I’m happy because I’m stronger.


Some of my CrossFit  related goals are to do a ground to overhead 125lbs, nail double unders, and nail down a few muscle ups!!! 

Are you a CrossFit fan? Have you attempted the open workouts before? Did you have a favorite workout?