How I began competing


In 2014 stalling at Barnes and nobles for a bit. I strolled over to the magazine section- I had always picked up Women’s health or maybe even Cosmopolitan, but that day I decided to look past the it girl of the moment on the front cover and pick up some actual fitness magazines. I had been working out for a while but could actually wrap my head around any real fitness goals that I had. One of the ones I picked up had the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, Nicole Wilkins, on the cover. Intrigued I picked it and a few other up. I went home and looked through the magazine and became instantly obsessed with her. I researched her up and down to find out everything about her. I realized she was a figure competitor. Lucky for me at the time I had just bumped into another aspiring figure competitor, Noel Brue. She was one of the other trainer that worked at the gym that I was currently working out at. I picked Noel’s brain for a few days straight. 

Inspired by everything about Nicole Wilkins and Noel Brue. I decided I would dig a bit deeper to see what and how I could become a figure competitor. I scheduled a fitness consultation with Noel, only to find out a few days early that I was expecting my first child. I still went to my consult just to see what competing was all about. Disclosing that I was expecting. Here I thought to myself “oh shit” here’s something else that I won’t ever be able to do. I kept in touch with Noel during my pregnancy. Enlisting her help to get me back on my feet post partum. From that movement I knew that I wanted to have a different relationship with fitness and started my fitness career.


18 month postpartum I entered my first bikini competition. I was clueless on what to expect but did the work and got on stage. From there I was able to grow and learn the in and outs of competing. Although I didn’t mind competing in bikini it was never goal to stay in that class. I took 2017 off from competing, to build some muscle and come hopefully back this year stronger. While April 21st still seems so far away. Never losing sight of this goal is one thing that keeps driving me forward. 💪😊