Sweet Potato Hashbrowns



Do you crave something sweet and savory in the morning?  Try making yourself these Sweet Potato Hashbrowns!


Grocery List 

- 1500 grams of Sweet Potatoes (3-4 sweet potatoes) 

- 1/2 of Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Flour

- 2 large eggs  

- Coconut oil for cooking


Macronutrients for One Hashbrown (approximately 200 grams, may differ based on ingredients)

Calories- 161

Protein-  3.8 grams

Carbohydrates- 34.1 grams

Fat- 1 gram

Sugar-  6.2 grams

Fiber-  4.4 grams




Step One  

Wash sweet potatoes. Peel 1000 grams (2-3 sweet potatoes. 

Step Two  

With the other sweet potatoes(~500 grams)  with skin, poke holes with fork. Wrap in moist  paper towel. Microwave 3-4 minutes, turn microwave for an additional 3-4 minutes. Allow it to cool for 5 minutes remove skin. 


Step Three  

While your baked sweet potatoes is cooling . Take your raw sweet potato and shred. I would suggest using a mandolin slicer (OXO, makes a nice one).  


Step Four  

Remove skin from baked potatoes and mash. Combine 2 eggs and gluten free flour in a bowl. This will make your dough. 

Step Five  

Take your dough and fold it into your shredded raw sweet potatoes. The result is a sticky shredded sweet potato. 

Step Six

Turn on griddle or pan on a medium heat. Coat with coconut oil.  

Step Seven

Take a palm full of shredded sweet potatoes and use hand to form ball. Flatten ball into pan using spatula press ball down into pan. Allow it to sit in pan 5-6 minutes. The side should become a golden brown.


Step Eight

Flip hashbrown to other side. Cook 5-6 minutes until golden brown on other side.

And voila you have Sweet Potato Hashbrowns! Bon Appetite!  



Aren’t these delicious?!?!?  

Leave me a comment below to let me know how much you enjoyed these.