2018: A Year in Review

A leader in our local running group recently asked us to review our running year, I thought I’d take it a step further and review my athletic year as a whole. So here it goes the good, the bad and the ugly of my athletic year.  



I focused the beginning of the year on my bodybuilding. I came in 2nd in the Ford’s Show and 3rd in Milwaukee Muscle Madness. I thought it was really exciting to compete in figure vs bikini. I feel like when you compete in bikini your stage personality shines through. One of the things I struggle with when I compete is my stage presence. I enjoy posing in the quarter turns as well. Overall I felt really strongly with how my bodybuilding journey went this past year. I’m excited with how things will shape up over the next few years and will be excited to go on stage again.

I feel like I attended numerous Crossfit classes. While I didn’t get to compete in any competitions this year. I did participate in the Crossfit open and attend the crossfit games. I think that Crossfit is an interesting sport and really think that the WODs make for some killer conditioning. I’m hoping to work on some crossfit skills in 2019 that will make me a bit stronger. Plus, I got a pretty cool jump rope which will help me nail down those double unders.

My running felt pretty amazing this year. I ran a total of 1091.1 miles, and raced 196.8 miles. I complete my 29th marathon, earning my PR on my 28th of 4:18:27. I also was ecstatic to finish out my year with a 5k PR of 23:13. The last time I ran that fast was in High School. I’m excited to see where my training will take my running this year and plan on spending a majority of 2019 working on improving my running.



While I love competing in bodybuilding being in and out show prep is mentally challenging. I feel like when I come out of prep I go through some major body dysmorphia that usually lasts me about 6 months. Then, I always come back to the fact that I’m still working on become the best version of myself and really can only compare myself to myself.

I set some pretty lofting lifting goals for 2018 and didn’t come close, my back squat really took a fumble and have been focusing on lifting with excellent form and really haven’t even attempted going over 155, I had hope to hit 200 this year. I also though I’d be able to nail down 250 on a deadlift and although I’ve come really close I’m not quite there yet. The closest I’ve come is 240 deadlift. Hopefully, I’ll cross that off in 2019. I also was able to clean and jerk 120 pounds, falling 5 short of my goal of 125. But, I feel like focusing on my strength vs looking good will make me stronger all around this year.

My bad experiences in running came from the fact that I have yet to beat 4:16 marathon time. I also raced my lowest milage ever. The last two years I ran about 1500 miles and raced about 300 of them. I also was the sickest I’ve ever ran for the Madison Marathon running with a cold is no joke. Hopefully 2019 will bring bring more miles and more PRs.



Well in 2018 I only had what I would consider one ugly experience…. The North Face Endurance Challenge. Horrible Horrible Horrible. If it wasn’t for my aunt I’m 100% sure I would have had my first DNF. Which stands for did not finish, I’ve never felt so poorly hydrated and miserable during a run. It takes a lot for me to never go back to something but this year it’s not on my racing list.

That’s all I have for 2018. Hoping for a big bright 2019! What about you how’d your year I’d love to hear your good, your bad and your ugly. Happy 2019 and thanks for all your support in 2018!