Strider Indoor Races

Pettit Indoor 10 miler Race Review  





When we registered for the Badgerland Turkey Prediction Run, we were offered a discount to register for the Striders Indoor Races. Our target marathon race is on March 17th. The weeks lined up just right for us to participate in the 10 mile race. Although running inside the Pettit center can be a bit boring. Participating in a race was some motivation to get in the miles. 

My mom was a bit nervous because her and I had participated in a 5k in the past. The track is 443 meters so you have to do multiple laps  to get in the 10 mile distance. Doing so many laps can become a bit of a mental task more so than a physical one. My mom and I kept each other in good company busy with conversations which seemed to help the first 5 miles go quickly. 

The next 5 miles seemed to be a bit of a drag, I was starting to feel tired and a little bored. My mom’s energy level seemed to be a bit low so she became less talkative. I decided to try to run a few laps at my own pace hoping that it would maybe make it go by faster. It didn’t help. Needing to finish about 12 laps I started to feel some relief. Know that it was about a 5k left. I kept telling myself only a 5k to go. I can do this! I tried to keep the positive energy in my head and also tried to keep my moms spirit up. 

The last three laps seemed to go well. Knowing that I was less than a mile away. I broke away from my moms pace to finish off the race strong. Phew 😅 finally done with all those laps! I came around the corner to encourage my mom. I grabbed some water and turned in my chip. With my chip turned in, I figured I would run in the last couple laps with my mom. Finally she finished! We were happy to be done with all those laps. Knowing that we still have a lot of winter left to go I know we will have to go back but hopefully not to soon.  

How do you get through the winter running season? Do you run outside all year round? Or seek out a treadmill or track?