Turkey Prediction Run

Turkey 15k Prediction Run

Race Report



I always find it odd to race on daylight savings days. This race started at 9:30 am so a little later than usually and with the time change it was like 10:30 am. My mom came and picked me and despite being a bit windy it seemed like fairly nice running weather. This has been the longest distance my mom has ran since she started training for her marathon. My mom, Lisa will be running her very first marathon with me while I’m running my 30th marathon. It only took her 7 years of convincing. I just told her to take it easy today. We were still 18 weeks away from the marathon. We want to stay in healthy shape. We had to predict our time before actually starting I figured it would take us until 2:24:55 seconds to finish. At this race the closer you get to your prediction the better chances are to win a turkey. We were all set and ready to go.

This race feature two loops and has a nice closed course in Whitnall Park. We started out on loop run and everything seemed pretty pleasant. Unfortunately when we got started on loop 2 the weather had taken a turn for the worst. It started to get drizzly and much windier. The rain seemed to pick up and I felt cold. On our second lap we were joined by another runner named Rebecca. We all managed to stay close and encourage each other. We also were accompanied by Marty who was bicycling along side us making sure we were ok. The last what I think were two miles seemed mentally daunting. I’m not sure if it’s because my body is used to the 10k distance or because the weather seemed so unpleasant.

All in all my mother and I managed to finish. She stayed at a nice consistent pace which we finished in 2:06:05 which was faster than our prediction on 2:24:55. We decided that next year when we do this race we will put our prediction as 2:06:05 and see if we can beat ourselves. How close do you think you’d be able to come in a prediction run?