2018 Goals


I practice writing down my yearly goals, not that the calendar year depicts my goals. I enjoy the practice of opening a new journal on January 1st and writing down my personal and fitness goals for the year. It allows me to take two seconds to breathe and redirect my focus and ask myself why these things are important. Goal writing needs to be more specific, you need to materialize your goals and outweigh the importance of them. I also find it helpful to give myself a reward. 

Being in the fitness industry many people will tell me they want to lose x amount of pounds, but my next question is always. Why? Most people will respond back to be healthy. Unfortunately health doesn’t always correspond to the number on the scale . Weight tends to be a correlation to health but not #1 factor in overall health. For instance I’m not overweight but prone to having high cholesterol. So my next question will be what do you define as “healthy”. Asking yourself this series of evaluating questions help you face your goals and materialize what is important about them. Perhaps you want to wear a certain suit on that vacation or you want to look good for a relatives wedding. 

 The most important thing about making goals is recognizing they don’t have a start date or an end date. I think you should have a time frame for your goals but if December 31st roles around you shouldn’t decide to abandoned them. Some of my goals I have this year were some of the same goals I had last year. I’m not giving up until I accomplish them.

 So here are my fitness goals for 2018. 


#1 Compete in a figure competition. Competing is important to me because the last time I hit the stage I was very new to the world of bodybuilding. I’ve spent the last year not only gaining strength but the knowledge to make me a stronger competitor. I would like to be evaluated on my package I can bring to the stage in 2018. 

#2 Ground to Overhead 125lbs. In November I got a cluster with 110 lbs. 15 more pound seems attainable by the end of the year. I know I have to work on my clean form. I have a problem with letting the bar get to far out after I pull from the ground.

#3 Working on nailing down double unders. Man o-mighty do I really struggle with this one. I tried the technique of giving it my all for 30-40 days jump roping 5 minutes each day and it just doesn’t get much better. I have purchased my own jump rope. It seems like such as easy task. However still something that plagues me. My new approach this year is trying to understand the rhythm that works for me to succeed. 

#4 5k under 25 minutes. In July of 2014, I hit my adult 5k PR time of 25:00. I ran cross country in high school and college however didn't have the love of running that I have now. I really would like to prove I can get better than that before my age takes over and I slow down, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I just feel I have the athletic ability to give to a 5k race and I’d like to put in the time into training to see that time drop under 25 minutes.

#5 Marathon time under 4:16. The first marathon I ever ran I knew absolutely nothing about running marathons. I finished with a time of 5:45. My second marathon I was slightly more knowledgeable other than showing up late due to a bad parking situation and sprinting to the start line. I think thing went well. 😂 But I finished with a slightly fast time of 5:20 shaving off 25, then my 3rdish marathon I made a huge drop 35minutes finishing in 4:45. So natural I figured I could easily drop 29 minutes to 4:16. However it would be a long time since getting my 4:45 until I got any closer. But I’ll give myself a little lea-way, I did have a baby and all. Plus last year was the first year I gave that time ago and it just didn’t happen for me, which I have made peace that it didn’t happen last year but it will happen this year!

#6 Run 4 marathons. If you don’t know much about me or who I am, you should know my largest goal is to run 30 marathons before I turn 30. This has become my realistic goal at about my eighth half marathon and my fourth marathon. I’m on track I’ve run 25 marathons in the past 7 years. It’s definitely been a journey with many ups and down hopefully one you’ve all enjoyed sharing with me. In order to hit my goal this year I plan on running 4 and running my 30th on my 30th birthday.  I have until 12:13 in the afternoon to run it, well Wisconsin time. This is an open invitation for you to come to my 30th birthday party in Virginia Beach to watch/ run alongside me at the Yuengling shamrock marathon.

#7 Deadlift 250 lbs. I really want to hit 250 which would be double my body weight. I hit 200 lbs last year and I'm going to continue rising up chasing more strength and power.

#8 Back squat 200 lbs. Oh man in 2017 my back squat has just plagued me. I’ve learned so many form techniques with my back squat and a lot of internal cues. That I’m ready to see the number climb back up again.

#9 Get a muscle up. Let’s chalk this one up to gender equality. Most men struggle with this move so I think if your a woman and you can pull this one off your pretty freaking strong. I spent the rest of 2014 searching for strength and I’m still searching for it. I think this would just the cherry on top of my pie.

Some of personal goals for 2018.

#1 Set apart a time of day to read and write. This is important for me because I want to publish a book someday. You don't become a better writer by not writing. Plus, its a little bit of love and self care to enjoy doing something selfish. 

#2 Take ownership of my life. I refuse to play the victim role anymore. I made a series of decisions and sometimes they aren't always good. But, I'm hear to reclaim my life as my own and take ownership for my actions. 

#3 Enjoying doing 52 activities with Lucy. Lucy is my 2 year old daughter and sometimes I let fatigue and emotions rule the day. However I will take her on 52 activities this year. I feel like their is more to life than just sitting. I feel the need to LIVE and just not exist. I want to share these experiences with her. 

2018 I'm ready! 



What are some of your 2018 goals? What new things will you experience this year?