Minooka Park Trail Assail 10k

Minooka Park Trail Assail 10K


On Saturday night I went through my typical pre race ritual where I gather all my things for racing and pile them up in the bathroom. It felt kind of odd getting ready for a Trail Assail on a sunday but I actually was ok with it. All the other trail assail races had been held on saturdays, so I was used it. Last year we didn't race in Minooka Park but I was happy to be back this year. My trail assail races have been between 58:22 and 1:09:48 this season. Not wanting to blow things for my A race this year, which is Lakefront Marathon. I had to put my race mind on relax, I need to just relax between now and lakefront. I need to prioritize my rest, nutrition, and mobility and I know I have the formula and the necessary tools to get through my A race. I have to keep being confident and reassuring myself I've got this!!!


When we got to Minooka park I realized there was one thing I didn't miss- the pit toilet. For the first time in my life, I actually preferred a porto potty to this pit toilet. You could honestly smell it from a mile away. There was not a porto potty in sight. Pit toilet I guess it is. I went over to check out the infamous Minooka Hill. We got the pleasure of climbing up it three times. I was hopping I would get to see some leaves change, but they hadn't really changed color yet. 


The gun went off and inside my head I made a personal challenge to use this course as a hill run, I would push it hard on the hills and relax on the flat parts. Which is counterproductive to how I normal race, which is keep my heart rate steady during hills and push harder in the flat parts.I made it up and around the hill one time. I actually keep pretty close proximity to a few of my faster running friends. Because I knew I was close to them, I knew I would be close in going to fast for this weeks race, so I decided I need to easy up and put some distance between us. The first lap went by pretty quick- ran about 28 minute 5k which was faster than where I wanted to be. Took some extra water in to try to calm down. Enjoyed the second loop of the course, got to see and cheer on a couple other runners I knew. Finished the race of course up hill and feel pretty good about lakefront. 


This course has changed since the last time I ran it, we used to start a different picnic area in the park which was flat head out into the field into the woods, nearing the "killer hill" at the end.  We still start at the bottom of the hill but you come in contact with the hill within the first 0.5 miles of the race. According to my GPS the elevation change is only 100ft, but its steep so maybe it seems a bit worst. If you prefer a flat course this is not the course for you. Like all of Silver Circle Sport Events, they have a kid race- which my 2 year old daughter enjoys because you get a medal and the big race feels. She even had to run this one with a cupcake.  If you are looking to finish out your race year with a trail race join in on the fun for the next one.