Dances with Dirt 50k

Dances with Dirt 50k Race Report


I'm gonna open this post with a moment of gratitude. Thank you so so very much for taking time to read this particular blog post. Racing is my life! I live, breathe, and train for my next race. By reading this report I know I have your support and thank you so much!


The last three days of my life have been a dream come true in my running career! I feel incredible thankful for my life and my ability to run. Let's rewind to my Friday afternoon which was honestly insane, I trained clients all day, hopped in a car and drove for three hours. The first moment of thankfulness came from when we departed my parents driveway minus the sleeping kids, it was just my dad and I for an hour in the car. When people tell you to treasure moments in your life this is one I will always treasure. I love and miss my alone time with my dad. I have a ton of sibling so it's always a treat to chat with my dad alone. We arrived in Johnson Creek to pick up my mother. It was so relieving to drive away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday life. From that point of pick up we took a scenic drive to Devil's Lake. A few hours later we arrived at Devil's Lake and I picked up my race packet. I felt pure joy. We went to the Broadway Dinner in Baraboo which was adorable and perfect for a pre race dinner. We came back to our hotel, which was actual a timeshare condo. I set my alarm for 3:18 and went to bed. 



I woke up at 3:02 which was 16 minute early. In my life, I have picked up a few quirks. One of them is I don't set my alarm for times ending in 0 or 5s. I think it gives me bad luck. I woke up and ate my preworkout and started on my prerace ritual. I eat my food and put on compression socks making sure to lube between my feet with aquaphore. I put on my racing outfit piece by piece making sure everything is adjusted perfectly to provide minimal chaffing. My dad and I then drove to the start line, another perfect moment. I arrived and anxiously searched for my running buddy, Jessica (bad idea bear) and my oiselle sisters. I found everyone all at once and felt elevated! A few moments later the race started. 


I instantly felt at peace and joy with my life. If you've never felt that yet. You really need to find what in life makes you feel that way. I entered a beautiful trail with a close friend at my side. We made it to our first aid station and I realized this course and race was going to be different. We reached the bluffs the first time it was beautiful and perfect and amazing. All distances of this race run to devils lake bluffs and it amazing getting up there is such a project with such a great reward. The next memorable part of the race was when we went to the meadows, I lost my shoes about three of four times and regretted not bringing extra shoes, but my shoes dried off quickly. We came back through the aid drop bag station again. I feel like these aid stations deserve a shoutout for being the best ones I've ever went through, they were fully stocked with you typical race stuff. But, DWD went above and beyond by carrying amazing real snack- beef jerky, peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, oreos, twizzlers, pretzels, soda and the list goes on and on. We ran into Jessica's husband, Daniel and skyler, he was there to provide true aid to us getting out drop bags and screening us again.


We then made it the next memorable portion of the race, the huge elevation change we dropped down 4000 feet at mile 19. This for me was the most difficult portion of the race, my knees do not typically bother me, but this caused me a lot of knee pain. I ended up walking a majority of this mile, like an extremely slow descent. We got to the bottom, only 10 miles left to go and now 1 of them was going straight uphill, 4000 feet. After that 20 or maybe 30 minute descent. Going up hill felt like a dream!!!! I called my dad on the way back up letting him know I had ten miles to go and it was going to be about two more hours. We made it back to the aid station, I don't drink soda but I decide to drink coke. I felt like my body really needed the sugar. I felt elevated and found my second wind to finish the race. From there getting back to mile 25 felt amazing, we crossed paths with Daniel and another aid station. We took an extended food and bathroom break. From here everything seemed possible, only a 10k to go. We went back around passed the finish line and back up to the bluffs. I was so excited we go to go through a second time. However the climb to the bluffs the second time didn't go quite as smoothly as the first time, my pace started to slow quite a bit, running for 7 hours was catching up to me. We made it to the top of the bluffs from that point we had about an hour to go. We started our cautious descent to the finish line. I was running on pure adrenaline, I felt exhausted but need to finish. I could see/ hear the finish line. I started to pick up the pace. I crossed it!!!! I immediately felt overjoyed!!!! I ran to my parents who were extremely worried my last ten miles took me about 3.5 hours. My two hour time estimate was a little off. 


While I was running I realized a few things. A true trail runner is a different breed of runners. They are courageous, gutsy, and strategic thinkers. I'm going to do this race again and my time won't improve, because I don't possess those qualities. This race was one of the best races of my life. I don't care about my time and I will do it again.


You wanna know how I feel today don't ya. I feel freaking amazing. Much better than when I do a road marathon. My heart feels full. The injury list is last night I popped a blister under my toenail. I popped two more this morning. They already feel better. I have about 7-8 itchy bug bites and about 5 scraps from some brush. Other than that I'm operating on full capacity. I could go up and downstairs to do a few load of laundry. I  walked around with my family. Life is goo!. The hard part now.... is knowing what distance to register for next year I'm torn between 26.2 or 50 miler.