Fox River Park Independence Day 10k

Fox River Park Race Report


Happy Forth of July weekend!!!!! Hope everyone who is reading this gets to celebrate this holiday to some extent. I chose to celebrate most of my holidays, birthdays and anniversaries around a run. Forth of July is no different! Although this is my only race this weekend. In past 2-3 years I have crammed in 2-4 races in this weekend.Some of the other races I used to do the Firecracker 4 miler, New Berlin 5k, the trail assail race, and sparkler run. But this year I only have the Trail Assail 10k planned into this weekend. However I'm getting increasingly excited for my 50k!!! 

I spent the majority of my Friday morning walking around the zoo. When I crashed later that day I realized my cold had not yet gone away, as I was hoping it did. But instead my cold now became my daughter's cold also. Which lead to an "extremely fun" night of her sleeping, waking me up about 10-15 times between 1-5:30 am. However, the lack of sleep didn't phase her and she still participated in the kid's race.

I towed up to the starting line with a scratchy throats and tired eyes. I honestly told myself if I started to cough to much I was just gonna run the 5k instead. Similar to most of the Silver Circle Events, the 10k is usually two laps of the 5k course, which would make it easy for me to drop down if needed. I really love the way the trails feel on my legs, the spongy dirt and wood chips and the scenery that they bring in. I stayed with a friend, Hannah, who run a similar pace for the first two miles; I felt congested but I wasn't coughing like crazy. So I decided to go out for the second 5k lap. Lap 2 felt significantly harder than lap 1. Not sure if it's because I lost Hannah's support or because I was sick. The second lap through I had to walk some hills that I caught ground on the first lap around. Finally out of the roller coster of the woods and down the hill to the finish line. Whew, I made it across the finish line! Wasn't the prettiest of my finishes but I somehow managed to place third in my age group. 

I really appreciate everything that goes into one of these silver circle sport races, from the fresh fruit bar, kids races and free race photos. There isn't to much more you value you can get from a race. I'm just glad I get some time to get over this summer cold before Dances with Dirt next weekend.