Menomonee Park Trail Assail 10k

Menomonee Park Trail Assail 10k Race Recap


To say my race was disappointing, would not be fair because I value all the hard work of the volunteer staff and race director put into the race. But I was very disappointed with myself, you see last year I finished this race in 57:47. This year I finished in 58:22. I was really hoping for a sub 55 minute 10k. I'm not sure what went wrong or what I did wrong. Other than maybe my nutrition was not on point, I knew I was tightening up my macros starting Sunday. In order to get them on track again, which kind of lead to me binging out a little each day enjoying something I won't be able to enjoy for a while. My mileage is up from last year right now I'm hitting around 40-50 miles a week getting ready for Dances with Dirt 50k- last year around this time I was getting in about 25 miles a week.  Running interferes with muscle building and I am still trying to build muscle on my body. Muscle building is not an easy process for me. Although I'm a lot farther and more defined than last year, I'm still hungry for more. 

Back to Saturday's race I actually started off feeling very strong. Maybe this is where my energy was wasted; all of the Trail Assail Races start with a shotgun start meaning that the runners (faster) are usually up near the starting line. I usually start in the back but waste energy getting myself to a good point in the race. I felt very strong on my first loop.  My first 3.1 miles came in 26 minutes. I felt good so I grinded a little harder in the second loop. I felt good for the first mile and half. I came out of the woods and felt to hot sun. I noticed my pace really started to slow up, one of my quads seized up a bit. I really felt like I bonked in the last mile and half. I started to approach the finish line, I could see my sister, daughter and friend cheering me on this helped me dig deep to the finish line.

This course is one of the easier courses there isn't any hills.  The course is consistent of mud, packed wood chips and some road. Because of the rain the trail was a little soft, but I thought in a good way it kinda felt like you were running on a sponge. The 10k course is two 3.1 loop. This park has some prettier features, like an old brick building ruins, a big quarry, and some nice wooded areas. 

Just like all the trail assail races I would recommend them to people. The series is usually a little lower key finishing with a fresh fruit bar. The crowds are small and they have a great kids race.  As for me and my funk I'm hoping this macro reset will help and I'll have some more exciting race reports in the future. Until then enjoy the summer miles, and the extra daylight hours.