Chicago Ragnar

My pre-vibes vibes really kicked on Sunday night while I was doing laundry and I realized this is the last time doing laundry before the Ragnar. I decided I need to start to pack up my "good/ favorite running clothes" for the race. So I sat a bag out in the other hall and put items into my bag all week long.

After my third instapost referencing the Ragnar I realized I was finally really really excited to being doing this. For most of my running races it seems kinda regular and not a big deal. But this felt like a big deal again and I love that feeling!!! After all after this weekend I get to cross one more race off my dream race list!!!! When I registered for the race you had to put in an estimated pace I put in 10:30. A few weeks ago we received an estimated time sheet of the legs and how long they would take. My goal for Ragnar was to beat my estimated pace for my legs. 😊

Wednesday night I broke out into tears while putting Lucy to bed she was extra cuddly. I knew how much I was going to miss her. For the first 18 months of her life, I cried when I went into work. I cried for a good two to three hours after putting her to bed watching Big Fish, which is always a tear jerker for me. My mom guilt sank into my gut this is the first bedtime I've missed since Lucy was born.

Thursday morning was my errand day, I had to go out and grab a few food items. Stop at TJ Max. Pack up my water belt. Check my bag two or three times. Set out my morning clothes and catch a good night sleep. I was in Van 2 so I got to sleep in until 7 am. I arrived at our meeting place the gym. Tried not cry through my good byes to Lucy and Paul. I hopped into Van 2 and off to Lake Mills we went.

My first leg was around 2 o clock on Friday afternoon. I hopped on the glacial drum line trail in Dousman.  The trail felt warm but manageable. At least the sun was at my back. Tried to keep my pace up but it felt like a struggle. My team found me about half way on the trail to cheer me on. They hit me with some cold water which felt awesome. I felt like I was running in familiar territory. I usually run the Waukesha Trail Breaker and this was my leg. We meet up with van 1 at a major exchange point. I was happy to be done running and to finally get to eat. I knew I need to eat more during the day but it felt kinda impossible... I bought protein bar and protein shake snacks but only took in about 600 calories. I made up for it in dinner and ate two turkey burgers and some pasta salad. Probabaly another 900 calories, still kinda low for the day.Our first major break was only about 4 hours, it was enough time to eat and take showers. Some of my teammates napped, but I couldn't sleep thinking about my night leg.  

We went to exchange with van 1 to run our night legs we started around 8:40 pm. I still felt very awake at 10 pm at night. However at 11pm, I felt completely drained.  We rotate round our positioning I in the van so the people in the back could sleep. I had about another 2-3 hours before I ran so I decided to take a small nap. However when I started to nap someone opened up the door and I accidentally shrieked and woke up the whole car, whoops. We got to the park where I was to go off running next and it didn't seem very bad at first.  My leg started off in a park parking lot, it actually seemed kinda relaxing. However I turned the street corner and realized I was going through a neighborhood. 😩 This neighborhood in Racine had a lot of bars and I was going through it at 2 am. The proximity of the drunk people freaked me out. They were really close in my space bubble and all talking to me. I treated this workout a little like a fartlek because I wanted to avoid the bars as much as possible. Every time I passed a bar I speed up. My van closely leapfrogged me to try to make me feel more comfortable. Although, this was the coolest leg temperature wise.  I think that was my most difficult leg mentally. The drunk people from the bars kept me on edge and unfocused.

I got done running and was on a few hour long break. We went to our drivers house and feel asleep to get a few hours of rest. We were estimated 6 hours of rest. However Van 1 was speedy and we only ended up getting about 4 hours. We were set to finish faster than our estimated finish time of 3 pm. I got out of the van to run my last leg around noon. Not gonna lie it felt really really warm. 😭 I started out on a trail and it didn't feel horrible. At mile two the no sleep, no food and hot, hot weather was getting to me. The next two miles seemed to feel worst and worst it felt like it was somehow getting sunnier and warmer out. I just wanted some ice cold water and there wasn't any around. I was running through downtown street, so there was very little shade. I passed the 1 mile left to go sign however my GPS watch indicated that I only had 0.4 miles left to go. Unfortunately the one mile left sign was correct. I came up to a busy beach, I could see the orange tents down the beach. Finally, I was done with this race!!!! About 0.3 miles to the finish line, it seemed like it was dragging on because the path kinda curved around the bend.  I came up to my team meeting spot, Yeah!!!!  I was finally going to get the cold water I needed. I didn't want to stop when I meet with my team, so I kinda tucked my shirt into my sports bra. My last leg was suppose to be 7.5 miles my GPS measured it at 8.04 miles. We crossed the finish line- along the beach and into the sign. We were awarded with our medals and given two pizzas.

At the point I was so hungry that I ate 1/2 of the pizza. Oops! I only ate one real meal in 36 hours which was a lot less then what I normal would eat. Getting off the Ragnar beach was kinda a big pain, because of the weather the beach was a popular spot.

Would I do the Ragnar again? Maybe. I really valued the team aspect of this race.  I think I would like to do the ultra version which is a little less downtime and a lot more running. However running in the middle of day really sucks!!!! I also really didn't enjoying being the last runner to go every leg. All the waiting around killed my mojo. I also love eating, so next time I think I'll pack my own food cooler with a lot of food!!!!