Wisconsin Marathon #21

Wisconsin marathon #21
Race Report - 4:58:15

I woke up on Saturday morning at 3:56am. I don't set my clock for exact times it is a strange habit that I've had for quite some time.I woke up feeling defeated. I felt so mentally distraught from Lucy turning two and her being sick. I just wanted to stay home inside my house and snuggle with my two year old. Lucy didn't sleep very well Friday night getting up at 1 am for about an hour. But I forced myself up out of bed. It takes me about 30 minutes to get dressed for a marathon. I take a long time applying sunscreen. I also spend time making sure my hot spots for chaffing are covered with some Vaseline. I went to the kitchen for my carby breakfast- my favorite choice is cream of wheat. Finished breakfast and hit the road about 8 minute late, I was trying to get there about an hour early. Parking at the Wisconsin Marathon is limited, when I ran this marathon in 2013. I actually had to sprint to the start line park in a "NO PARKING ZONE" and pray my car was still there post race.

Arrived down to the race at about 6:15 Looked around and saw the giant sun. My first though was crud I'm going to roast today, I just wanted to go back to bed in my car, call my husband in an hour and say I feel asleep before the start of the race and go home. Instead I got out walked over to the race start line. The wind really started to pick up and I realized I was not going to be too warm. I also started to second guess my short wearing, and singlet outfit choice. I sat around discussing the sub- 2 hour project with a few other runners, which actually reminded me why I love this sport it was a much needed emotional boost. I ran into another oiselle volee member, Kate, while I was looking for the rest our birds. Running into her was another reminder I could not turn around and drive home. I approached the starting line and got into the corral and ran into Amy, one of my friend from MRTT, she runs a similar pace to me so I decided I would try to stay with her the first half of the race. The race started and I began chatting away to Amy this is how I attempt to get rid of my racing nerves. I started off going with the direction of the wind so I didn't feel very cold. I decided to take off my quarter zip.  We made it to mile three and I knew I should have went to the Porto-potty one more time before the race started. I waited until 40 minutes in the race and found a porto-potty and went. Going to the bathroom this early in a race is a bit of a waste of time because usually the lines are very long. I wasted about 10 minutes in line at the porto-potty, lost Amy and was running against the wind. Again I just thought I wanted to call it a day run the half and go home spend time with Lucy. At about Mile 10 I found Amy!!!!! My bad mental state disappeared and I felt much better. I was also very thankful because I was wearing a quarter zip and offered to take it the the finish line for me. 😊


Things were starting to look up and I felt very positive about finish the race, plus we were at the north point of the course and turning out of the wind. Score!!! Miles 10 through 12.9 felt like a breeze. However when I got to mile 12.5 I realized the course for the marathon was taking us out on a peninsula going past the finishing line and finishing party. What an extremely cruel joke, the other times I've run this race you could always hear the half finishing but never physically see it. Taking you past the finish line was a whole other mind game. Again that self doubt and wanted to quit came into play, I just wanted to drive home and play with Lucy and all her new toys. I told myself I had made it this far I fell fine and could continue on. I made it to around Mile 16 and ran into RWB water station again which was a huge relief because I had two friend volunteering Rachel and CJ they gave me a much needed mental boost to continue on. As I turned the corner I ran into the first place women. I truly knew at this moment I made the right decision to continue on with this race!!!! Watching the first place women runner always takes my breathe away and make me awestruck her physical strength and beauty always shines through!!!! I made it up to Mile 17 and kept running into friend after friend who was coming back in the opposite way I felt awesome. A male runner passed me and asked me if I was doing ok, I was fueling at the time, so I think he thought I was walking because I was hurting and not because I was fueling. I saw a few more oiselle volee members who were rocking the course and felt uplifted!!!! I made it to Mile 20, and decided I need to make a quick pit stop in the Porto- potty. The aid station guy gave me a hard time about going to the bathroom with 6 miles left in the race. I told him I wasn't coming in first place and I wasn't sponsored by Nike, so why should I spend the last 6 miles of race with a full bladder feeling uncomfortable. After I got out of the Porto- potty I ran into the same male again. It was very apparent that we would finish the race together, we were moving at a very similar pace.

I was extremely happy to have him keep me company the last 6 miles of the race. He was also a bit chattier like me, so we made some small talk about marathons. He was here from Kansas City, he was doing some pretty impressive ultra marathoning later this year so he was using this as a training run with his wife. I always enjoy making new race friends. We helped push each other through those last few Mile because we had gotten out by the lake again and the wind was pretty strong the last three miles of the race. My face burned from the wind. With a mile left to go he told me to leave him and he'd catch up with me after the finish line. I insisted he stay with me after all at this point in the race I'd only finish 10-15 seconds faster than him and I reminded he it would be easier to have company the next ten minutes than be alone. We crossed the finish line before 5 hours!!! I gave him a hug and thanked him for keeping with me those last 6 miles. It was really what I mentally needed that day. I went through the finish line corral and picked up my gear bag. I waited in line for food but quickly grew impatient and wanted to see Lucy and Paul so I decided to grab some water and walk back to my car and drove home. I arrived home feeling exhausted, but thankful I completed and finished my marathon.

I'm doing the Ragnar in a few weeks so I need to get used to running on tired legs, about 10 days ago I made an appointment with a client to run on Sunday- I was nervous because I had never tried running at a specific pace after running a marathon. I arrived a few minutes early to our meet up spot and ran around a little to see how my legs felt to my surprise they felt very good. We went on a 5 mile run together and I really appreciate it and found strength in myself that I didn't know I had. I now feel very positive and confident about running the Ragnar. I'll take it a little easier on myself this week, I'll get in a solid 6 days of strength training. I'll readjust my splits so today( Monday) I did Arms and Shoulders, Tuesday hit chest, Wednesday do back and go for a short run, Thursday I'll do legs and Friday Shoulders. Saturday I will race a 10k and go to the gym and work on my upper body.Ill finish out Sunday at Run like a mother.