Donut Dash

Donut Dash 5K

Race Recap

Actual Time: 30:10

Recorded Time: 24:10

Alright so I know you guys are all probably like what why is their such a huge time gap, don't worry I will address this in a bit. I went into this race a little anxious- 5k always, always freak me out. I'm not horribly fast person, so I feel like I can just never get my timing right in 5k. Plus, I knew some people where coming from the gym and this being a "fun run" I just really didn't know what to expect or how to prepare. I looked at the weather forecast and decided to wear long pant and two tops. However once I got there and started walking around I quickly realized I was over dressed. Oh well not the end of the world. I looked around for a while for my gym buddies, Natalie and Maggie. I found them!  I always love seeing people from the gym out at races because I love racing so much, then I know I can always talk to them about it. 


Before the race we were told that it was going to consist of three laps and you were allowed to eat as many donuts as you would like in the donut zone. Every donut you would eat would deduct two minutes from your official race time. I then decided that my goal was to eat three donuts and complete all three laps in thirty minutes. 

The race started and it was clear that because of the mix of runners and walkers and repeating the same loop three times, it was going to be very hard to navigate around people. The race took place at Hart Park right on the Oak Leaf bike trail. So it was a little compact with people. The first lap felt like a breeze, we came around to the donut stand and I realized that these donuts were a little hard to chew and swallow. The donuts reminded me of these coffee cake dunker my dad used to buy when I was a little kid. I got down 1 donut and was off for my second lap. I came in for lap two, and grabbed two donuts and a glass of water. I decided to hone in on my inner Joey Chestnut ( Nathan hotdog eating champ) and dunk the donut in the water so I could eat it faster. I tore out of there at 22:30. I had 7 and half minutes to get around another mile. I feel short completing the race in 30:10- but I had 3 donuts so my time came down to 24:10. 

After the race I finished catching up with Natalie and Maggie. I sat around and got to cheer on my mom and sister. Although, I wasn't overly happy with the course, doing three laps for a 5k isn't very fun.  Overall the weather ended up being great and I was really happy to go into a race where to proceeds went to a great cause- The Wisconsin Unity Tour and the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial.

Race ReportTori Hartmann