Lapham Peak Park Trail Assail 10k

Run from The Taxman 10k- 1:09:48



I went to bed the night before the race thrilled to be starting the Trail Assail Series in the morning. The trail assail series put on be Silver Circle Sports is one of my favorite running series. Although some of my running colleagues may disagree and tell you trail running is easier because their bodies love running the trails. I find it really challenging especially when you compare it to a flat road race, which is what I prefer to run. Some of the reasons I love this series is it takes you on the tour of all the local parks.  The series pushes me out of my boundaries, which are usually flat, road races. Also, it helps me reminisce about my high school and college cross country days. Plus, ending the race with a giant fruit bar is always a plus. 


We arrived to the race about 1.5 hours early we have participated in this series for the past 3-4 years so we know that parking is usually an issue because the parking lots at most of the parks are small and it takes a while for everyone to pay and enter. If you are running any of these races, I would highly suggest you purchase a park pass to either Waukesha Co park system or the state park system. My husband and daughter usually stay at home, but I convinced most of the people in my family to sign up for the series. My dad however doesn't enjoy running so he can stay behind and watch Lucy and usually take her to play around the park, which I think ends up being a win win for everyone involved. When, we arrived I saw a bunch of familiar faces some from the Oiselle Volee and some from Moms run this town. Along with my friends Kjersti whom I convinced to sign up for this race and Ryan and Luz. I always love love love seeing familiar faces at races, it just makes me feel like I belong there, and encourages me to race my best. 


When, we took off and started running it didn't take me too long to figure out that we were running in a very different Lapham Peak Park then we ran in a few weeks ago. The course was extremely muddy and watery. Although, Jeff (a volunteer) did warn us it was very muddy. I wore some old shoes that I typically don't run in because I didn't want to deal with cleaning out my trainers. However, I used to run in a stability shoe and lately I run in a more neutral shoes so I had some odd aches and pains. I kept having to stop and tie my shoes continuously because they didn't want to stay tied. I was having some gear problems. Then around miles four, I stepped on a tree root and it cam out of the ground up through my shoe laces and scrapped up my leg. It burned so bad at the time I actually thought it pierced through my skin. I stopped for a few moments stunned at what just happened and to access the damage. Damage was a small scrap I would live to race on. 


After that scrape, we enter into a very swampy low land area where I spotted a crane- I love seeing untypical wildlife on runs. After the swamp area we started on an accent up towards to tower I decided to walk, because you know its bad when you are slowing down your running pace so much that walkers are passing you by. Finally we made it up to the top of the tower. The only bad thing about the mud and the wood steps was when the other runners where going up i was getting mud in my face. Finally, to the top I picked out an Easter Egg, took a quick glance over the top and came down quickly. The race ends in a decent down the hill which is much better than ending in an accent up the hill. I could her my dad and daughter cheering me on so I ran in extra hard to give them a nice show. 

At the end of the race its just you again you, because these races all take place at different parks you can only compare yourself to last year. I know I'm getting stronger because last year I finished in 1:17:49, which mean I shaved 8 minutes and 1 second off my time from last year. I also placed third in my age group which was a nice unexpected little bonus.