First Call Half Marathon

First Call Half Marathon- 2:04:27
Race Report

I went into the race with no expectations- but warm fuzzy feelings. Wisconsin was finally warm and sunny again!!!! Even if it was only for a day, we've had two weeks of doom and gloom and this is exactly what I needed to lift my spirits and make me love the outdoors again!! I really was so happy to have pleasant weather for the race. I went out on a shake out run with my mom on Saturday- legs felt pleasantly recovered from last week. 

I packed my gear up the night before like I usually do. I was happy that I was going to sport shorts in a race for the first time in 2017. Also excited again to put on my Oiselle Volee singlet. Being a part of the volee has helped me grow so much over the past year.

When I initially joined the birds I started tearing myself apart and how could I even compare because I'm not "fast". But after a while the fellow girls in the group lifted me up, I stopped seeing myself as "slow" girl. I just started to see myself as part of the the girls, no "slow" no "fast. Just a girl who liked running in Oiselle clothing cheering on other girl runners who enjoyed running. It's also let me gather some pretty awesome new running buddies and make some new friends. They are excepting new runners in April and if you want to be a part of women runners you should join us, we would love to have you!

My aunt and I have always had a strong running relationship so we showed up to the race because we always carpool together. I actually might enjoy our carpooling together more than I enjoy some races. 😊 Once, we arrived at the race site we ran into a few racing friend from Fleet Feet(a local running store) and some of my friend from Moms Run This Town. We waited around to find my other friend Ryan and Luz . Luz and I have shared many miles together. So I usually convince her to race a lot of the same races we go to. A race is always better when you get to connect with friends.

Having run this course before I knew exactly what to expect a flat out and back. However, when we got to the turn around point I was feeling pretty wiped out. The heat had definitely started to get to me and having the sun beat down on me. I decided it was time for me to lose my singlet and run in my sports bra. I always feel like it's such a double standard when a women strips down to her sports bra. I feel judged, but after seen about the 10th male who wasn't in his "summer body". I said to myself "Fuck it if they don't like the way I look they can look away." On the way back from the turn around, even being down a layer I felt still too warm. I hit every single water station and it still didn't feel like enough. I was really thankful I had my fuel belt with a little extra water. I crossed the finish line and decided to strike a pose! Another victory in books- another long run with a good time. I've just gotta keep my eyes on the Wisconsin Marathon in a few weeks. 

Overall this is the first year I've participated in the chilly Willy race series and I will definitely participate in them again. I can in 3rd place in the Chilly Willy Race Series for Women 25-29, I feel pretty proud of it.  I really enjoy how all the distances start at relatively the same time this allows me to spend more time with my friends and family who run the other distances. Plus I really loved some of the post race food. The only really negative thing I have to say about these set of races is I really wish there was a 10k option even if it means having to do two laps of the course, I really don't like to run a 5k unless that's the only option. I love participating in a winter series because it helps keep me motivated to run on the cruddy days during the winter. I'm hoping that we won't see any more snow on any of our run but who knows we live in Wisconsin!