Waukesha Trailbreaker Marathon #20

Waukesha Trailbreaker Marathon
Race Report-5:15:51 Avg pace 12:06

The week leading up to the marathon all I could think is rain rain go away! All week Wisconsin has been overcast and raining all and knowing this would be a partial trail run I feared the worst. Feeding my  fear were having run the Waukesha Trailbreaker in previous years and not getting out in Lapham at all this year. I went into the race extremely anxious. A few years ago I ran the Trailbreaker for the first time the course was determined to be to dangerous to go into Lapham Park portion. So we were rerouted on an alternative route, which was not as difficult. Last year I was determined to race again hoping that we would get to go into Lapham Park. I can definitely say the race lived up to the buzz. Trailbreaker Marathon was at one time ranked as one of the top 25 most difficult marathons in Wisconsin to run. Having ran last years marathon in 5:54:09- Avg. pace 13:31 min/ mile. I was going to be racing this one to get back my glory to prove to this course that I was stronger this year.
All week I stalked the weather on my weather app. On Thursday before the race, the app had predicted that we would finish the race in 55+ degree weather, but be starting in the mid thirties temperature wise. I decided to race wearing a singlet, light long sleeve, and leggings.

I arrived  to the race with my Aunt Therese, she's my running icon.  She has accompanied on many of my marathon adventures and has qualified and ran Boston 8 times. Shortly, after we ran into Jessica who is another one of running buddies.Then in the cafeteria I was into Carri. In the bathroom line, I met up with Jen one of my fellow oiselle teammates and Natasha and Jen from Moms Run this Town. Jessica, Jen and I decided that we would start the race off together and I was in great company. I also got a moral boost when I saw a few other moms from Moms Run this town at the start, Dana and Cristi. We were together for a few miles and having some great conversations. I was pretty nervous because I made to the infamous mile 11, under 2 hours- at the time my current pace was 10:26 min/ miles. I felt good but in my head I was think "Shit, shit this is a repeat of my race last year". I entered into Lapham Park hoping for the best, but fearing the worst. I became pleasantly surprised although muddy and rocky it didn't seem quite as slick and slippery as I remembered. I remember physically crawling up some steep hills last year. This years adventure didn't include any crawling. However after the stair and the trails, Lapham Peak had once again chewed me up and spit me out. I left Lapham Park with an average pace of 13:02 min/miles. I left Lapham Park feeling mentally and physically challenged. I still had 11 miles left to test my mental wit. There wasn't another runner in sight and I became mentally discouraged. Another runner we started with Kristen from Naperville, Illinois had caught up to me. We played a game of cat and mouse until the end of the race, but it felt comforting to be near another runner. Miles 18-23 were the worst for me, my pace dropped again to 13:30 min/miles.I could feel a bruised toenail and a blister. (WARNING: PIC OF BLISTER AND BLACK TOENAIL BELOW)


 I kept thinking "Why do I pay for this?". And haven't I "learned my lesson 20 times". "What's the definition of insanity?". "Doing the same thing again and again expecting a different result." "Yep, I'm insane, and this is dumb." But, when I got to Mile 23 mile my attitude sudden shifted- I only had a 5k left and I could do this I told myself you can get there before 5:20 just stick with it. My pace had increase to 13:15 min/ miles which after going 23 miles I consider an accomplishment. I crossed the finish line feeling blessed and thankful to have made it through another race. I was more thankful it was over and I could relax. After grabbing some refreshments and food I went to look at the result it was easy to find since I had arrived later, however I was extremely shocked to realize I took 3rd in my age group 20-29. My aunt and I went to the window and got a neat certificate. I really enjoyed this and thought it was awesome feature of the race.

I can't wait to buy a frame and hang it in my office. We finally had a beautiful day so I walked outside and cheered on a few of the remaining runners. I wanted to support my friends who were still out racing. The medal this year for the race was awesome!!!!! Now I can officially cross off my first marathon of they year, next one is up in 5 weeks in Kenosha. 

Will I be back to run this race again next year? Yes of course this race keeps all the money local to work on the Waukesha Parks, that I love and enjoy all year round. Plus, there is a great group of volunteers and runner who help support this race. Not hardy enough to go to the tower in Lapham Park this race offers several different distance including a 5K, 10k and Half Marathon route.