CrossFit Games Open Report

After trying out a CrossFit out a few times in my life. I decided to compete in the CrossFit open. I consider myself to be in relatively good shape, lifting 6x a week and running 3-5x a week. I was interested in seeing my physical strength and how it compared with other women my age. I also wanted to use this as kind of a baseline because I've been implementing a few crossfit classes in for conditioning purposes. I'm not really a crossfitter so this was something completely out of my comfort zone. I'm really happy that I at least tried it out and I really respect all the people that competed in these workouts.

Before I ever tried crossfit I would see fellow Instagram and Facebook friends post their WODS and think to myself "Oh my gosh that sounds really easy, I could do that!" I mean come on a 15 minute workout- when I was in the peak of my bodybuilding training I would spend 12-16 hours a week lifting in the gym and I have run a few marathons. So I had the endurance and tolerance down my belt. Well after trying a few workouts I can definitely say that they always push my max and they are tough work and NOT EASY!!!! My CrossFit open experience completely humbled me as an athlete, having to scale most of the workouts to even complete them at the movement standards.

After officially signing up, I sat around with my cellphone anxiously waiting for the first open announcement, 17.1

I thought to myself burpees and dumbbells awesome. Fast forward to trying it at home with the 35 pound dumbbell. My right side felt strong and my left side not so strong and I only did four reps. Deciding that I needed to scale to 20 pound dumbbells in order to do the 150 reps. I actually finished the workout in the time cap- 16:48.

Realizing that my cocky attitude had been humbled I went into 17.2 knowing I wasn't as strong as I thought.

I attempted to preform the workout with 35 pound dumbbells realizing quickly I was unable to hold them at my shoulder which was the required movement standard. Also, no matter how hard I tried I can only chicken wing a muscle up which doesn't count as a rep. But I was really proud of myself for getting in 170 reps in the 12 minutes.

After hearing about 17.3 and know I don't have a good snatch I knew immediately I  would need to scale this one.


I failed so many reps at 75 lbs it was extremely discouraging and I want to give up. I really couldn't have done it without the coaching of fellow classmate, Kjersti who coached me through getting 3 reps- the time cap caught up to me but I was really thankful, because I was sore and very tired! I got in 129 reps!

17.4 was a repeat of last years workout. I guess Dave Castro always repeats a workout from a previous year. I actually have to say out of the workouts I enjoyed this one the most not being able to do handstand push-ups allowed me to do hand release pushups which felt fairly easy for me.

I was really proud of myself I made it through one whole round and then some- 224 reps to be exacting 13 minutes!  😊 I also think I had the luck of the Irish on my side!!

Feeling pretty discouraged by needing to scale the first four workouts- I knew it was likely I would have to scale the last one. The last workout was announced and being unable to preform double unders I did have to scale once again.


The last workout was actual pretty fun- finishing it in 11:16!!

Overall I'm really proud I tried something out of my comfort zone and felt humbled by competing. I finished 85,028 in the world, 6665 in the region(North Central), and 629 in the state(WI)! 😊