The Shake your Shamrock 5K Race Report

🍀 The Shake your Shamrock 5K 🍀

Race Report - 26:39

I'm very thankful that I woke up on Saturday morning and the snow that we received on Monday had mostly melted. Make the road conditions just wet, and not slippery. The weather was overcast, but I thought I would be fine just wearing two long sleeve flannel layers with my legging. However, when we got to the race I got very chilled walking from the parking lot into the building. It was probably the breeze coming off the lake. According to my phone it was 37 degrees, I decided to wear my jacket liner. When I walked into the building most of the athletes had hats and gloves and I decided not to bring mine along with me, I began mentally preparing to have a bad race and be miserably cold for the next 30 minutes.

A majority of Silver Circle Sport Events are centered around making a family fun event. Most of the races I've been too have started with a 1 K kid race. Today my daughter and my 6 year old niece were suppose to participate, but after getting there and evaluating the weather. I decided it wasn't the race for my 2 year old today. My niece, Lily participated in the kid race and loved it!!!

I've raced on this route several times before at another local race series- Lighthouse Events. They use this course but you start on a different end. This race course is incredibly fast and had I started the race in a better place mentally, I'm pretty sure I would have PRd. However I started the race with a negative attitude, I kept telling myself all these excuses on why I would have a shitty race.
Excuse #1 been dealing with a cranky kid since daylight savings.

Excuse #2 got a horrible night sleep.

Excuse #3 this race had a late start time-11am.

Excuse #4 not bring a hat and gloves to the race.

Excuse #5 not going through my pre-race routine.

Had I started this with a positive attitude, I'm positive I could have shaved the 16 seconds off of my time to get 1st place in my age group. Important life lesson that mindset is ESSENTIAL, and believing in yourself is more important than doubting yourself.

Oh well, I don't race for the awards I do it because I enjoy the lifestyle and spending Saturday morning with some family and friends. I would definitely race The shake your shamrock 5k again, the venue (The Lakeside in Occomowoc) was a great place to host a race. The had the room to accommodate a large crowd well. Also their food looked amazing and if it wasn't for my extremely cranky child I probably would have enjoyed staying there to eat. Also I raced relatively well and I think this was a great prediction of what's to come for me in 2017!