Flannel 5K Race

 The Flannel 5K ️- 27:46


Race Report 


Well my father always told me of you don't like the weather in Wisconsin wait 5 minutes.  In one week we experienced 60 degrees, sunshine, wind, rain, sleet, snow, and fridgit temps. So after a few days of nice weather I thought we had kissed old man winter good- bye. Boy was I wrong I woke up that morning to find a nice, icy layer of snow.


The night before I had packed two long sleeve shirts, my running jacket, my yaktrax, wool socks, two pairs of tights, a gator, and a hat. I checked the weather forecast and it was going to be 19 degrees F. I decided to ditch the second pair of tights. When we got to the race it seemed a little slick despite them plowing and placing down sand. I opted to put on my yaktracks. I'm glad I put them on because other people who didn't have them on seemed to be sliding around.  


The race seemed a bit hillier than the other races in the Chilly Willy running series. I don't do too much hill training in the winter because treadmill hills don't really seem to compare and the only other indoor running options in Wisconsin are on an indoor track. So I was a little out of hill shape and I could tell that impacted my performance today along with the slick road conditions. Crossing the finish line in 27:46, not my best or worst 5k. 


Overall I felt like despite the weather conditions the runner where having a fantastic time. There seemed to be a good turnout and the hot chocolate bar was busy. At a majority of the Chilly Willy races they have a stocked hot chocolate bar with multiple toppings included different syrups, marsh mellows, candies and whipped cream. I was really happy because three of family member joined me for this race, pictured above my sister(left), my aunt(middle with white sunglasses), and my mom (right). I always enjoy a race with good company, despite the icky weather conditions.