Gobble Wobble Milwaukee

Gobble Wobble Milwaukee 5k



 I woke up the morning of the gobble wobble and my mind was at ease. I hadn't run anything in  over a mile in 33 days. So today's motto was just to finish no time goals and really no goals just finish and not strain something from the lack of non-running.


We got to the race too early but ever since the Wisconsin marathon incident of 2013- where I showed up late to the start line, had to hand a stranger my drop bag and start the race late. I'm always paranoid about getting to races early. We got to visit with some MRTT ladies. Actually most of them were volunteering at packet pickup which made me happy. 😊 I love seeing the community of runners give back to one, another by volunteering at races. There was a fun chicken trivia game that my sister and I were playing to pass the 90 minutes that we got there. We watched Lily participate in the kids race and got everything set to go for the big kids race. The gun went off and I was back at the starting line. I went down the first hill and tried not to take off to fast. Mile 1 felt like it took me about 15 minutes but after reviewing the data it only took
But man was I struggling I don't know if it was physically struggling or mentally struggling. I just felt tired and daunted. But I pushed through. Mile 2 felt a little bit better because I caught up to one of my fellow MRTT ladies Amanda we were talking about the off season and running in general and it helped take my mind off the race. In the middle of mile 2 there was a hill which I think is the Whitnal park hill. I've gone on this hill a few times before but on Thursday it seemed extra hilly- long and steep. 😑 We made it over the hill and were heading back on the course. I bumped into my sister and Lily, my niece, who were headed the other way and I ended up taking Lily back towards the finish line with me. My race ended up having a very mellow run/walk back to the finish line. All and all I had a fair race not the worst to date but not the best either. I think it will be a few more months of cautious off season training to build a better running package in 2018.


So what did I learn in my 33 days off stretch.  My longest running off stretch except when I had Lucy back in 2015 which I took off 24 days from running. I learned I think it actually good for your body physically not to run for a little bit. I've been battling with some pelvic floor issues and SI issues, probably from only taking 24 days off from running while having Lucy. But I'm just about as stubborn as runners come so I wouldn't ever listen to anyone else about this. I also learned that running helps me a lot more mentally then I give it credit for it. It allows me to run away from things that are frustrating and annoying. It allows me to think of things I don't normally think about. It allows to appreciate all that I have. So where's the middle ground I think from now on once a year I'm going to take a 14 day running break I know I won't like this but it's actually my top goal in 2018 when I start to run again that at the end of the season, I'll take my 14 day break. I give myself a deload every 6 weeks of training but I think I just need a solid 14 day window off- off of running. I feel like this is just something I need physically and mentally. Running shouldn't be my only therapy. So when will I run again. I'm not really sure I have no races on my horizon. I'm thinking of doing Dances with dirt marathon, and I really like lakefront and Madison but as of today the only race I've registered for in 2018 is the 24 hr s'more run. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope your having a great holiday season!