CrossFit Comps Galore

About a year ago, I Finally broke down and went with my husband to his box. I've always really enjoyed the cardio aspect of CrossFit but the Olympic Weightlifting seemed to break most of my Weightlifting rules. If you scroll back through my blogs you'll read about my experience in competing in the CrossFit open this year. Something hopefully I will continue to compete in every year. From the games on I guess you could say the competitive CrossFit bug bit me. But, not in the way that I wanted to be better than others but in the way that I wanted to go and push myself to a physical limit. I've competed the first two weekends November in two very different styled competitions. The first one was a low key in-house competition at Grid CrossFit in New Berlin, WI (an individual competition) and the second Girl Gone Rx (a group competiton) which was hosted by CrossFit Waukesha. Both of them where 100% different but I really enjoyed both of them!!!!

So at the first comp there was 4 WODS, the first WOD which was the worst and most difficult was a  AMRAP (As many round and reps as possible) in 12 minute.

The moves were:

12- 14 lbs Wallballs to 9 foot target

10- 20 inch Box Stepovers


6- Knees to Chest

I got in 160 reps. For whatever reason Wall balls are one of my Crossfit nemesia I'm not sure if it because I lack rhythm or what but I can never get these down pat. I feel like toes to bar come to me kinda effortlessly but Knees to Chest left me swinging like a monkey. All and all I came and tried my best and that's what counts

The Second WOD consisted of a clean and deadlift ladder, you had to complete a clean and deadlift the weight twice in 45 seconds to go on. The 105 pound clean came up nice and easy which I was delighted because 100lbs seems to always be a sticking point for me. I moved onto 115 lbs but just couldn't make my clean stick. 



The third WOD was a 1000 meter row, 300 Jump Rope Single Unders and 30 Thrusters with 45 pounds. We never received any kind of official score so I'm not sure what my official time was but it was around 10 minutes. After this third WOD I was dead tired. I wish I was running a marathon because I'd be done by now. It was announced that the last WOD the top three competitors were competing in. I was tied with 4 other ladies for third place. So a total of 7 of us competed in the last WOD.

The forth WOD was a modified version of the Hero WOD "Josh" 

21 Overhead Squats at 45lbs

42 Ring Rows

15 Overhead Squats at 45lbs

30 Ring Rows

9 Overhead Squats at 45lbs

18 Ring Rows

I actually surprised myself with this last WOD and finished first. All in all Im not exactly sure how I placed but it was defiently a learning experience. It also reached a part of my soul that I've always sought out a part of my soul to seek which is physical fatigue. 


The following week I had my group comp Girls Gone Rx. A completion that is made up out of three female team members. We worked out to raise fund for Bright Pink, a breast cancer foundation. We were team "Rx'd the Warmup". My other two teammates were from The Grid, Dori and Stephanie. They are two really amazing strong women and I think together all three of us formed a dynamite team. Dori had a super impressive support system and out whole gym came to back us up it made me feel like a pretty badass rockstar.



The first WOD was 


I was so ecstatic because I got up 110lbs!!!!!!!



The second WOD was


The numbers on this WOD were intimidating but by far I think the most awesome group WOD it was a lot of fun and every played I critical role. Unable to do double unders and not a very efficient rower. I happily volunteered to box jump for our team. 



The third WOD was


I think this WOD was  the most challenging. The judge kept warning me to get lower and if you didn't hear my wall ball complaints before these get to me. I actually feel at the bottom of the squat a few times like a huge klutz. 



The forth WOD was 


Once again as we were coming up to this forth WOD I felt absolutely dead tired and wished I was running a marathon because I would be done running by now. My team helped support me and keep my moral up. I can not stress how much I admire the crud out of my other two team members. They are two both very talented and strong women the perfect environment to raise my daughter around. I really enjoyed doing these two competitions and see more competitions in my future. Who knows maybe 40 crossfit competitions before I'm 40!!!