Top Ten Reasons You Should Run a Marathon in Wisconsin



Top Ten Reasons You Should Run a Marathon in Wisconsin


1) You want to experience the climate. 

In Wisconsin it can be 27 degrees and 64 degrees all within a few hours. It can keep things exciting and intresting. Sometimes we can experience all the seasons in one day . Don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes. Why this might seem like an exaggeration, we do seem to have particularly odd weather. Which can make dressing for race  day a bit unpredictable. If your traveling here for a race bring a wide variety of clothes. I would also suggest bringing lots of layers with you. There is nothing quite parallel to running a marathon is the rain or snow. So embrace the weather! 


2) You’ll get to see some cows and smell them too.

Take in our wonderful Wisconsin dairy air. Chances are if you are running a marathon you’ll go out past some farmland. The farmlands of Wisconsin have a particularly wonderful aroma. Plus I always find something peaceful about running past a quaint farm out in the middle of nowhere. Down a road with not too many people around. Last year I did the Ragnar and we got to experience some wide open spaces. Sometimes its particularly peaceful to have no one around. 


3) You like beer.

Now every good post race party that I’ve been to has always served a beer at the finish line. Some of my favorite marathons seem to have my favorite beer, coincidence I think not. But in all honesty Wisconsin has a large amount of craft breweries and most of our races have craft beer waiting for you at the finish line. Milwaukee's Lakefront marathon always serves up MKE beers at the finish line. They have a fantastic post race party. If your not into marathons,the half marathon has a great post race party as well; but you'll have to travel here in august to make that race. 


4) You like cheese.

You don’t just like cheese you love it! Wisconsin is the dairy state. We have an entire marathon dedicated to the love of cheese. At the Wisconsin Marathon they have an all cheese coral. They boast themselves as being the cheesiest marathon around. Usually the medal design and shirt are cheese themed. If you love cheese this is the marathon for you. However, if your not receiving cheese at the finish line you can always stop by and enjoy some delicious cheese curds as a post race treat. 


5)You want to get a little dirty.

Wisconsin hosts a fair amount of trail marathons. Sometimes trail running can become more like a mud bath. I can’t describe to you how many white shirt or white compression socks that have permanent mud polka dots on them. But I possibly love those shirts more because it reminds me of Devil's Lake or Lapham’s tower. It’s like my own person running souvenir.


6)You want to run a flat course.

One of my favorite and flattest marathon courses is the The Lakefront Marathon. It’s doesn’t get any flatter than that. Actually at mile 23 you go down a rather large hill to finish along Lake Michigan.  But on the opposite end of the spectrum, we also have our fair share of some hills.  If you are a hill seeker I would suggest, Dances with Dirt if you prefer trails or Madison Marathon, if you prefer road races. 


7) You want to experience some magic.

I cannot begin to describe to the magical views of Madison overlooking the capital across Lake Mendota. Especially with the leaves are changing color and crunching under your feet. The magical feeling you get in dances with dirt, when you climb the South bluff and are left overlooking the valley at devils lake. You are left wondering if it was the climb or the view that takes your breath away. 


8) You want options.

 27 of them in 2018 to be exact. According to we will host 27 marathons this year. So you have plenty of opportunity to get here. For those of you not willing to be outside, we even host an indoor marathonin our Olympic training facility. We have at least one marathon a month running February through November. 


9) You want to be a part of our Midwest family!

 I can’t begin to tell you how many race buddies I’ve met over the years. But I will tell you they have always began by welcoming me with that midwestern hospitality that you’ll learn to love. You'll get to meet so many interesting wonderful people running a marathon in Wisconsin from young to old, and somewhere in between. We'll keep you company or let you listen to your tunes. Just know that we are happy to have you here. 


10) You want an experience you’ll never forget. 

Whether it’s in devils lake, going down the glacial drumlins trail, finishing in veterans park, running around our state capital or trying your best at our Lambeau Leap. I promise you this, you will never forget about the time you ran a marathon in Wisconsin!