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Hi, I'm Tori. 

Welcome to Fithart.


In 2012, after graduating from Wisconsin Lutheran College with a Bachelor of

Science degree in Biochemistry. I felt lost in who I was as a person, I

struggled on a mental and physical level. I realized that going out every single

night with friends was an unhealthy option. I saw the pounds on the scale go up

and up, my clothes started to feel tight, and I kept telling myself next week

I’ll get running. After finally deciding enough was enough, I went out for a run

and decided that I would sign up for my first marathon. I realized that exercise

is not a punishment to your body, but rather a way to empower yourself and your body

physically and mentally. I fell in love with running so much that my running now touches every

portion of my life. I have participated in 30 full marathons, 32

half marathons, a 50k ultra marathon and a half ironman.

In 2015 my life forever changed, I welcome into the world a wonderful baby girl.

Becoming a new mom gave me the courage to help me pursue my passion and love of

the fitness industry into a career. After attaining my certification, I started to

personal train clients and teach evening boot camps.

In 2016, I was able to crush another one of my lifelong goals to body build, and step on the

stage twice to compete in bikini competitions. I returned to the stage in 2018 as a figure


Being active is how I enjoy my life and one aspect of how I feel I live life to the fullest.

Through fitness I have experience some of the most beautiful things in life; such as a beautiful

sunrise on a mid morning run, helping a friend believe in themselves and their fitness goals, or

finding the power and strength inside myself to take on a new fitness challenge.

Staying active helps me to be a better mother, wife, daughter and sister and friend. I hope other

see this and are inspired to start getting fit, take their fitness journey to a new level, and/or reach

new fitness goals. I want to help others find health and fitness to be a meaningful compliment in

their lives; and that they love it so much, that they too will want to share their fitness passion

with others.

Thank you kindly and enjoy my life!