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Hi, I'm Tori. Welcome to Fithart.


In 2012, after graduating from Wisconsin Lutheran College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. I felt lost in who I was as a person, I struggled on a mental and physical level. I realized that going out every single night with friends, was an unhealthy option. I saw the pounds on the scale go up and up, my clothes started to feel tight, and I kept telling myself next week I’d get running. After finally deciding enough was enough, I went out for a run and decided that I would sign up for my first marathon. I realized that exercise is not a punishment to your body, but an empowerment of your body and it’s physical capabilities. I fell in love with running so much that my running spills out into every portion of my life. I have participated in 30 full marathon, 32 half marathons, a 50k ultra marathon and a half ironman. Some of my future endurance goals include running a 50 mile race this fall.

In 2015 my life forever changed, I welcomed into the world a wonderful baby girl. That year, I also became mentored by Noel Brue whom helped me to turn my passion and love of the fitness industry into a career. After gaining my certification I started to personal train clients and teach evening body bootcamps at the Body Boutique. With Noel’s help and guidance I was able to crush another one of my lifelong goals in 2016 and step on the stage twice to compete in a bikini competition. I returned to the stage in 2018 as a figure competitor. 

Being active is how I enjoy my life and how I live to the fullest. Fitness helps me experience some of the most beautiful things in life. Without fitness I could not enjoy a beautiful sunrise on a mid morning run, helping a friend believe in themselves, or finding the power and strength inside myself.  Staying active helps me become a better mother, wife, daughter and sister. I hope others see this and it inspires them to want to find something that they love so much in their lives or about themselves that they will want to share their thing as much as I share my running. 

Thank you kindly and enjoy my life!